Time is on someone's side.

The Daily Grind: Are free-to-play MMOs slower when it comes to advancement?

As free-to-play became the dominant business model in MMOs over time, it was totally understandable to wonder at first what free-to-play games would do...
Good news, this isn't bad as it looks!

Destiny 2 makes it look like experience requirements for engrams had increased, Bungie apologizes

Let's just start with the good news here: Destiny 2 actually didn't screw over players by pretending it had reduced experience gains while actually...
Our empire of bad is collapsing

Paladins tests a new card system that attracts cries of pay-to-win

Let's review. Paladins, as it stands now, has a system wherein characters get cards that can be used to power up playable characters. You...
What's two times zero?

EVE Valkyrie will be getting loot boxes

There's really no two ways about this particular tidbit of news. CCP is adding loot boxes to EVE Valkyrie, according to a recent interview....
Wish you weren't here.

Blade and Soul’s newest patch revamps class progression and adds new regions to explore

The latest big patch for Blade & Soul has arrived, and it brings with it some major changes. Class trees and skill points, for...
Marbleface McSpheretummy

EverQuest II shows off the Ascension classes for Kunark Ascending

When EverQuest II's next expansion hits, players are going to be progressing through an entirely new set of classes. The new Ascension classes are...
On the dark side.

The Daily Grind: How should long-running MMOs help new players catch up?

Expansions for MMOs are really made for the veteran player. A bump of the level cap from 60 to 70 seems reasonable if you're...
When it lost me.

The Daily Grind: What MMOs did you like more when you started than later on?

When I first started playing Warhammer Online as part of Choose My Adventure ages ago, I had a lot of fun. Until I leveled...
Oh, these bugs.

The Daily Grind: What do you collect in MMOs?

At its heart, every single MMO is a game about collecting things. Most games have a number of very obvious things to collect; collect...

Battleborn patches in premium skins and currency

Quick question: What does Overwatch have that Battleborn doesn't? If you answered "Winston," you are correct, but that's not the point. If you answered...
I know.

Skyforge’s next major update makes sweeping changes to the Resistance system

Knowledge may or may not be power in the real world, but it's certainly a powerful part of Skyforge in the next major update....

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s crafting and gathering endgame in Heavensward

Crafting and gathering has never been a primary goal of mine in Final Fantasy XIV so much as a secondary one. It's something extra...
I don't miss the days without blood elves, not at all.

WoW Factor: The WoW token and the upcoming patch

Since the last edition of WoW Factor, two big things hit World of Warcraft in quick succession. The first is that the much-discussed WoW...
We've got data. Lots of data. So much data. Information high.

Skyforge developers explain monetization and power

You can argue all you want over the definition of pay-to-win, but no one really likes the idea of a free-to-play game in which...