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EVE Evolved: Inside Hadean’s EVE Online record-breaking battle attempt

If EVE Online is known for one thing (apart from massive scams and online heists), it's the truly massive PvP battles that have taken...

EVE’s Aether Wars tech demo readies for its third phase and another world record attempt on Saturday

Want to be part of history? Then you're being called to participate in the third phase of the EVE Online Aether Wars tech demo....

EVE Vegas 2019: CCP and Hadean announce a third EVE Aether Wars event for November

Ahead of EVE Vegas today, CCP Games has announced a third go-round of EVE Aether Wars. Gamers will recall that's the tech partnership with...

EVE Online shares the numbers from the Aether Wars: Phase Two event

The second phase of EVE Online's tech demo for Aether Wars has long since come to a close, but there was still the question...
Bless this hot mess.

EVE Online wraps up Aether Wars 2, plans week of GM-led events

This past weekend, EVE Online's second round of the Aether Wars tech demo took place as CCP and Hadean put the improved tech to...

EVE Online prepares for phase two of the Aether Wars tech demo and plans chaos for cyno fields

Things are getting more active in the world of EVE Online on a couple of different fronts. Specifically, the next phase of the Aether...

Q2 2019 financials: Black Desert’s Pearl Abyss rakes in huge profits, builds six new games

You read that headline right. Six. Pearl Abyss has had an absolute banger of a second quarter according to its most recent financial earnings...
Capital city.

EVE Online is on track to set a new world record for largest video game battle

Truly large-scale battles don't come about by sheer accident; they take a lot of planning and coordination to make happen -- especially if you...

EVE Online is handing out skill points like candy and planning a second huge Aether Wars playtest

CCP Games has been pushing out so many promos and events for EVE Online the last few weeks that it's hard to even keep...

GDC 2019: Here’s how CCP’s 10,000 player battle tech demo went down

Developer CCP Games currently holds the world record for the largest PvP battle in gaming history, which was awarded in recognition of January 2018’s...

EVE Online’s 10,000 person ‘Aether Wars’ tech demo battle is about to begin

In January of 2018, EVE Online player shenanigans brought to a head the so-called "million-dollar battle." While we joked about it being a bust...

The Daily Grind: Does size really matter in MMOs? PvP battle size, that is

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen a big push for MMO studios to talk up their numbers - and by that I...

CCP Games and Hadean develop 10,000 player deathmatch demo, EVE: Aether Wars

Since the first time EVE Online developer CCP Games showed off its VR dogfighter EVE:Valkyrie, players have dreamed of having the directly controlled fighters...