MMO Business Roundup: China’s crackdown, the COVID bubble, MY.GAMES hires, and the Shatterline leak

Welcome back to another super fun roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news. Remember how regulators in China have cracked down on youth gaming in...
Guilty or innocent?

The Daily Grind: Are there any live MMOs that seem too old for you to try?

It's easy to overlook the sheer weight of age involved with live MMOs. Sure, it's easy to say that intellectually there's no reason you...

China’s video game regulators introduce a three-tier age rating system for games

If you're accustomed to the age rating of games in the US, it's easy to forget that this is a voluntary system rather than...

Games devs discuss how to make games for players 55 and older

Games can (and should) be for everyone, regardless of things like gender identity, race, or even age. That said, there are certain challenges to...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO do you always think is older or younger than it is?

If you ask me what year Guild Wars 2 released, I'll think for a moment and then respond "2009" with a firm nod indicating...

More older adults play games than ever before, according to AARP study of people over 50

Earlier this week, we wrote about Skyrim's "gaming grandma" and other older gamers who've staked out claims in the online gaming space on platforms...

PUBG Mobile plans new ‘healthy gaming’ feature reminding you to take breaks

Young man! How long have you played this game? I said young man! Your playtime is insane! You should slow down, maybe out of the house, You...
I'm on a boat.

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMO anniversaries you’re looking forward to in 2019?

It's weird to think that World of Warcraft hits 15 years this year, but that's the way linear time works. Five-year intervals are big ones,...
A prison of your own making.

Kids these days: Fortnite fights a 14-year-old in court, signs 13-year-old to e-sports team

Epic Games is still doggedly pursuing supposed Fortnite cheaters. As we reported back in November, one of the defendants in Epic's many lawsuits is...

Champions Online is now officially the longest-running superhero MMO, and the world makes no sense

You are no doubt aware that Champions Online is still running, although the game has been in unofficial maintenance mode for half of forever....
Hearing your wonderous stories.

The Daily Grind: How old were you when you got into MMOs?

When Ultima Online launched, the idea of having a computer capable of running it was a pipe dream for me, much less also having...
Yeah, that's the stuff.

The Daily Grind: What does the MMORPG genre offer younger players?

Earlier this year, a Redditor on the MMORPG sub pondered whether young folks play MMORPGs -- not kids, mind you, but teens, high schoolers...
Light it up.

The Daily Grind: Who’s your oldest MMO character who still gets played?

My original two characters in World of Warcraft are no longer around; one of them was deleted and the other is never to be...
Ah, because you're awesome. That's your selling point.

Chronicles of Elyria demos character physique and aging

Wanna spend your morning watching a dude walking around? OK, I'm only half teasing. Chronicles of Elyria has released a tech demo video showing...

Leaderboard: The age range of Massively OP’s core audience

Massively OP reader Nordavind inspired this week's Leaderboard in the comments of our Daily Grind about the age range of the people in the...

The Daily Grind: What’s the age range of the people in the MMORPGs you play?

This morning's Daily Grind arrives from Massively OP reader camelotcrusade, who asks you to take a long look at the ages of the people around...
Great old.

The Daily Grind: What makes an MMO old?

MMOs have a longer shelf life than other games do. We talked about this not so long ago, even, and you can see it...
Well, that's a scuff.

EVE Online adds in dirt and kill marks to ships

A factory-fresh ship in EVE Online should not look exactly the same as one that's been through countless corporate wars. There should be some...

Chronicles of Elyria dev blog: Permadeath in MMORPGs

Announced earlier this year, Chronicles of Elyria is a startup sandbox in a sea of such sandboxes, but some of its features are rare even...

Chronicles of Elyria dev blog: Character aging in MMORPGs

Announced earlier this year, Chronicles of Elyria is a startup sandbox in a sea of such sandboxes, but some of its features are rare even...