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One Shots: Supporting characters

When you look for famous characters in your MMO, you may be looking for someone complete different than the rest of the crowd. Lt. Commander Hikari...

Perfect Ten: Time travel in MMORPGs

Over the years, I've been fascinated with the concept of time in MMORPGs. It's one of those things that developers probably don't want you...

Star Trek Online preps Reckoning update for consolers in April

PWE announced this afternoon that Star Trek Online will drop the Reckoning update on console players next month on April 18th -- that's a...
I mean... yeah, okay.

Star Trek Online brings Agents of Yesterday to consoles

The original Star Trek series has come to consoles with the latest update to Star Trek Online. Sure, you could always stream the original...
Oh, I'll ride that.

Star Trek Online’s Season 12 Reckoning is live today ahead of 7th anniversary hoopla

Season 12: Reckoning is live in Star Trek Online today, just a few days ahead of the iconic MMO's seventh birthday. "To commemorate this...
Back, back, back in time.

Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday expansion debuts on console February 14

Star Trek Online's Agents of Yesterday, last summer's nostalgia-drenched expansion, will warp from PC to console on Valentine's Day, a press release from PWE...
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: The best MMORPG updates and expansions of 2016 (that aren’t Legion)

Sometimes you have to exclude something from a list. I could, for example, praise World of Warcraft: Legion for being a really good expansion...
Yes, yes it is.

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMORPG stories of 2016

As we start to come to grips with the fact that we will be turning over the calendar into 2017 in one short month,...
Does everything have to be artifacts these days, everywhere?

Star Trek Online rolls out Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts

The Temporal Cold War has wrapped up in Star Trek Online... for now, anyhow. That's the thing about time travel; it never really ends,...

Star Trek Online adds to its Agents of Yesterday expansion

Cryptic isn't finished with the time travel goodness of Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday -- not by a long shot. The studio announced...

One Shots: Overcompensating

Holy moley, the Massively OP community came out in force to respond to last week's "giant weapon" screenshot challenge. Most comments that I've seen...

Hands-on: A tour of duty through Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

With Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday, Cryptic is obviously looking to rope in as many Star Trek faithful as possible, particularly from two...

Enter to win a Star Trek Online Temporal Agent Starter Pack from Massively OP and PWE

In honor of the launch of Star Trek Online's Agents of Yesterday expansion this week, PWE has granted Massively OP 50 Temporal Agent Starter Packs...
I want to go back (go back)

Interview: Cryptic on the launch of Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday

Today, players will get to go back in time in Star Trek Online. Only for your new characters, it's not actually back in time...

Star Trek Online shows off the contents of the Kelvin lockbox

The Kelvin timeline is edging its way into Star Trek Online, but only in little ways here and there. There are incursions from the...
Captain McFly of the USS... oh, heck no, not going there.

Star Trek Online shows off the rewards for temporal captains in Agents of Yesterday

So let's break this down very simply. There's a crisis in the future of Star Trek Online, which is leading agents further in the...
Back, back, back in time.

Star Trek Online tweaks lockboxes, posts Agents of Yesterday launch trailer

PWE has rolled out two big pieces of news for Star Trek Online fans today. First, the studio says it's overhauling STO's "All Lock Box Drop"...
Time to update.

Star Trek Online details the stats for its temporal ships

We're going to blow your mind with a stunning revelation: Star Trek Online takes place in the future. Yes, this game full of spaceships...

Star Trek Online to introduce JJ Abrams-inspired content

PWE and Cryptic have confirmed today that the Star Trek Online universe will collide with the JJ Abrams lore. "Players will soon be able to...

Star Trek Online talks about its new ‘classic’ ship designs and Temporal Defense reputation

Fans of the original Star Trek series (TOS) know that, due to budget and technological limitations, there weren't a lot of different Starfleet ship...