agents of yesterday

I get the temptation, but you are not actually a captain.

Star Trek Online previews the Temporal Operative primary specialization

The Temporal Operative is the newest primary specialization for player characters in Star Trek Online. Or perhaps it's the oldest. Things get really wonky...
I want to go back (go back)

Star Trek Online shows off its 23rd century ship stats

When Star Trek Online launches Agents of Yesterday, players will be able to fly around in the ships of the line from the mid-23rd...
Oh no, it's all we are.

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday launches on July 6th

Players of Star Trek Online are no strangers to going back in time, but Agents of Yesterday is something different. It's not just traveling...
I'm sprcl.

An innocent NPC may allude to future crossovers for Star Trek Online

Look at the guy in that image right there. He's just some dude, right? Just a nameless NPC in Star Trek Online, offering no...

Star Trek Online is launching on consoles this fall

The big announcements for Star Trek Online keep arriving. Last week it was the reveal of the Agents of Yesterday expansion; this week it's...

Chekov joins Star Trek Online in Agents of Yesterday

Over the years, Star Trek Online has become a high school reunion of sorts for actors from the movies and various series. One of...

Seventeen things you need to know about Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

If you felt the flames of love for the original Star Trek series stoked by last week's announcement of Star Trek Online: Agents of...
Pictured: prime universe uniforms.

Scotty joins Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday expansion

Montgomery Scott casts a long shadow over pop culture in general; if you've ever played a game in which the engineer spoke with a...
To return where others have gone before, but not like this.

Star Trek Online announces its third expansion: Agents of Yesterday

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starships named Enterprise. Their continuing missions have been to explore strange new worlds, to...