albion online

Official Site: Albion Online
Studio: Sandbox Interactive
Launch Date: July 17, 2017
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Albion’s closed beta is live for legendary founders

It's closed beta time for Albion, and if you're a legendary founder, you can log in right now. Or not if you'd prefer to...
The road is through those guys, so...

Albion starts closed beta next week

Cross-platform fantasy PvP MMO Albion Online starts closed beta next week. Sandbox Interactive has posted the start times, which are dependent on what sort of...

Albion Online highlights its reworked combat

Sandbox Interactive has released a new four-minute video highlighting the combat changes in Albion Online since last summer. Lead game designer Robin Henkys says...

The MOP Up: TERA’s creepy cat mounts (November 15, 2015)

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Albion Online guild creates narwhal propaganda posters

Narwhals. They're swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion because they are so awesome. I've even heard that they beat polar bears in a...

Albion Online gets ready for closed beta

Albion Online is ticking down to the official start of its closed beta test on November 23rd, and in a new state of the...
Taking care of business

Let the NPCs handle your busy work with Albion Online’s laborers

There are certain tedious tasks that are just better left up to automation sometimes. Sure, you need a steady flow of incoming wood and...
Beta botch.

Betawatch: Closed beta explosion (October 30, 2015)

It's a week of games entering closed beta. That is the joke here, if you want to call it a joke. Front and center,...
Save the date. Or don't, if you're not in.

Albion Online closed beta starts November 23rd

Is everyone ready to tear down the gates and jump into Albion Online? Well, not everyone gets to do so just yet; the game...

The MOP Up: The secret history of Destiny (October 25, 2015)

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Global Chat: Why your MMO pushed me away

Hey MMO developers, have you ever wondered why players are driven away from your games? Two bloggers took a stab at a list of features...

Leaderboard: Have you tried Albion Online?

There's something about Albion Online that appeals to me. I like the top-down perspective and the stylized visuals, and of course I love the...

Albion is getting a tie-in novel and a lore revamp

Sandbox Interactive posted a lore blurb about Albion this week. The piece highlights an NPC faction called the Royal Expeditionary Forces, which the devs...

Albion Online’s land ownership system will run by auction

Sandbox Interactive is shaking things up with its land ownership system in Albion Online. In a new development diary, the studio explains that it is...
Ride like the wind.

Albion’s September state-of-the-game covers gameplay and art

Sandbox Interactive posted an Albion state-of-the-game update on its website this week. The info is broken down into art department and gameplay sections, with...

Albion upgrades its private islands, talks map-making

Albion Online released a couple of dev updates this week. The first focused on private islands, and more specifically, how you can upgrade the...

Albion Online’s missions are like quests, but not exactly

Top-down PvP sandbox Albion Online has released a new video highlighting the game's missions and factions. Lead designer Robin Henkys and technical director David...
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Albion Online previews a learning point rework

The original purpose of Albion Online's learning point system was to create a balance mechanism for players with varying amounts of time to spend...

Albion introduces crafting shrines and treasure chests

Albion Online is currently focusing on preparations for its upcoming closed beta, but that didn't stop Sandbox Interactive from posting a dev blog that...

Perfect Ten: Mobile MMOs coming soon to a pocket near you

It may be true that interest in playing and developing mobile games has peaked, although personally I very much like mobile gaming. On the...