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Albion Online promises surprises for its Rites of Spring starting on April 12

Look, see that header image up there? That's not what is coming to Albion Online with the arrival of the Rites of Spring event starting on...
Light reading.

Albion Online bans more than 600 accounts for buying currency

You are probably aware that buying Silver in Albion Online from a third-party site is not allowed, not least because there's a legitimate first-party option...
In a big outer land, land stays with you, and also your guild.

Albion’s mid-season patch includes three new Outland regions as devs focus on performance

A mid-season patch is on the way for Albion Online and it's including new regions of land in the Outlands, giving players a new avenue...

Albion Online announces Outland map expansion coming next month

Last month, Albion Online dev Sandbox Interactive announced that it is working on a massive overhaul of the game's Outlands map, which will substantially...

Albion Online holds roadmap Q&A livestream, rolls out first Monthly Adventurer’s Challenge

The folks at Sandbox Interactive recently held a live Q&A session in which they answered the Albion Online community's questions about the recently revealed...

Albion Online’s preseason patch brings GvG rewards, monthly challenges, and major balance adjustments

Yesterday's Albion Online preseason balance patch brought with it some additions to Guild vs Guild season rewards, new monthly adventurer's challenges, and a heaping...

Albion Online patch brings minor changes and fixes

Multiplatform fantasy sandbox MMO Albion Online has received a small update today, bringing a few changes and fixes to the game. The changes are...
I am fairly certain that fairness due to gear parity was a point that got tossed around for this game, although I cannot find a good source for that at the moment, so I may be incorrect.

Albion’s Aurelius update to add PvE dungeons, usability tweaks, and more

Sandbox Interactive says that Albion's closed beta launch has been "very successful," and as such the firm is now giving fans a glimpse of its near...

Albion Online’s PvP zones and flagging explained

As Albion Online's development has progressed, Sandbox Interactive has utilized player feedback to refine the PvP system, acknowledging that for all the hardcore PvPers...
Swings and roundabouts!

Leaderboard: Are you guilded in your main MMO?

I've been playing Albion's closed beta this week, and if there's one thing I've learned about the top-down fantasy sandbox, it's that soloing is...
The road is through those guys, so...

Albion starts closed beta next week

Cross-platform fantasy PvP MMO Albion Online starts closed beta next week. Sandbox Interactive has posted the start times, which are dependent on what sort of...

Albion is getting a tie-in novel and a lore revamp

Sandbox Interactive posted a lore blurb about Albion this week. The piece highlights an NPC faction called the Royal Expeditionary Forces, which the devs...
Ride like the wind.

Albion’s September state-of-the-game covers gameplay and art

Sandbox Interactive posted an Albion state-of-the-game update on its website this week. The info is broken down into art department and gameplay sections, with...

Albion adds Deadlands content, touts summer alpha numbers

Albion's summer alpha is going swimmingly, according to an update posted today on the fantasy sandbox's website. So far, 15,400 players from 145 countries...

Albion Online’s latest feature video focuses on farming

If farming is your thing, then Albion Online may be your game. Sandbox Interactive has released a new video highlighting the feature and explaining...
So long my honey, so long my baby, so long my ragtime gal.

Betawatch: May 8th, 2015

This week, Landmark was consumed in a fiery explosion, by which we of course mean that it had a big old wipe. But it's...

Albion tweaks its trees, resources, and landscapes for summer alpha

Albion is gearing up for its summer alpha, and one of the new features on display during the test will be a landscape redesign. "The...

Albion Online players like killing rabbits, each other

Albion Online has released one of those number-cruncher infographic things. Tidbits include the total rabbits killed in the sandbox MMO (656,535), the number of PvP...

Albion Online’s summer alpha to bring crafting, economy, and combat changes

Albion Online's winter alpha event is over, but the dev team is utilizing the information gleaned from it to prepare for the next one...