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A group of Amazon studios working on New World, Breakaway, and Crucible.

Amazon is teasing some sort of reveal for MMORPG New World

Remember how Amazon Game Studios announced it was taking in-development MMORPG New World’s always-on alpha offline last May? According to the studio, the game was...

Former EverQuest, Vanguard developer passes away; colleagues raise money for his family

Please be aware that this post contains discussions of suicide, which we realize may upset some readers. Please read with caution and comment respectfully. We're...

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO will be ‘different at a glance’ from LOTRO

Even as Lord of the Rings Online prepares to unleash Minas Morgul next week, Amazon Game Studios is working in the background to fashion...

Amazon says it’s still ‘working hard’ on its MMORPG New World

Back in May, Amazon Game Studios raised eyebrows when it announced it was taking in-development MMORPG New World’s always-on alpha offline. According to the...

The Soapbox: Hoping for Amazon to succeed where Lord of the Rings Online failed

It's not often I really get excited about an upcoming MMORPG. Partly this is because of the industry slowing down, and partly this is...

That new Lord of the Rings MMORPG is still happening, now with Amazon’s New World team on board

Hey remember last September when Athlon Games - owned by Leyou Technologies, which also owns Warframe studio Digital Extremes - announced that it was...
Pay to lose.

Perfect Ten: The most poorly managed MMO sunsets of all time

MMOs shut down. This is just kind of a reality. It's an unpleasant one, but we also are collectively aware that it happens and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 225: The slash and burn of Amazon Game Studios

Justin and Bree discuss E3, Black Desert, Warframe, Last Oasis, Amazon, New World, Ship of Heroes, SWG Legends, LOTRO, Elder Scrolls Online, with mailbag questions on monetizing character costuming and beating bad launch dead horses.

Amazon Game Studios is apparently suffering layoffs and game cancelations

Next week, we've got a piece coming in which one of my colleagues remarks that Amazon Game Studios' greatest claim to fame right now...

New World’s always-on test phase comes to a close as Amazon posts alpha infographic

A month ago, Amazon Game Studios told testers of its upcoming MMORPG survival sandbox New World that it was pulling down the always-on alpha...

The Daily Grind: Are you concerned about the future of Amazon’s New World?

When Amazon Game Studios announced last week that it was taking New World's always-on alpha offline "to design major new features" that are "large...

New World is taking its 24-7 alpha offline for implementation of ‘major new features’

It sounds as if New World is entering a new phase of development, as Amazon Game Studios announced the current version of the alpha,...

Amazon’s New World hints at supernatural guardians and survival struggles

Amazon Game Studios' New World is picking up steam as it continues to expand its alpha test this month. And whether or not the...
Yes, this assuages my nervousness, you bet.

Smed vows he’ll someday make a game akin to EverQuest Next

Earlier this week on the podcast, Justin and I were joking around about how one of our favorite fun things to write about is...

New World gives us a glimpse at builders, pushes alpha sign-ups

Crafting professions are the topic of the week over at New World. Blacksmithing got some press a few days ago, and now it is...

Amazon survival MMO New World reveals more and more of its alpha map

All right, I've finally figured it out: New World's current map is basically Game of Thrones' map. Which is certainly appropriate, given the shared...

New World leaks make it sound more and more like a real MMO sandbox, not a survival game

The weird thing - or clever thing - about Amazon Game Studios' New World alpha is that seemingly everyone is in it, so nobody...

New World’s Brightwood sets the perfect creepy autumn scene

If you're in the alpha for New World, don't tell us about it. Just wink knowingly at your screen. Oh, it's all of you?...

New World alpha leak video highlights the map, action combat, and dizzying UI

As Amazon Game Studios continues dispatching new alpha invites for its upcoming survival sandbox MMORPG New World, it's casting a huge net - and...

New World teases us with video clips about nothing

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Amazon is promoting New World, there's been a renewed interest in the community with...