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LOTRO Legendarium: A new Lord of the Rings MMO enters the One Ring

It's a tale as old as time: Whenever an MMO starts getting up there in years and starting to show signs of age, you...

Frodo lives: A new Lord of the Rings MMORPG is apparently in the works

If you've been one of the folks begging for a new Lord of the Rings MMO, well, then today's your lucky day. Online sports game...

Shroud of the Avatar starts shipping its collector’s editions

Here's a welcome bit of news for those who have been waiting for their physical feelies from Shroud of the Avatar: Collector's Editions...

New World’s forts and campfires will be your sanctuaries against the darkness

If you're hungry for even more New World previews, then PCGamesN has another take on the same demo that outlets got to...

New World rebuilds civilization with the help of player quests and scaling tech

Hungry for more information about Amazon's New World past a fairly obscure website's advance preview of the game? You can head over...

New World teases us with video clips about nothing

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Amazon is promoting New World, there's been a renewed interest in the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 184: Gamescom spectacular

Justin and Bree discuss Gamescom, anticipated MMOs, Ashes of Creation, New World, Maplestory 2, Torchlight Frontiers, Just Survive, and World of Warcraft, with mailbag entries on racing to the level cap and amazing visual moments in MMORPGs.

Perfect Ten: Anticipated MMOs I want to know a lot more about

One of the most exciting parts of covering the news here at Massively OP is that we challenge ourselves to stay on top of...

New World preview from Gamescom slips into the wild as Amazon announces alpha signups

The first previews of Amazon Game Studios' New World MMORPG are finally trickling in from Gamescom just as the wraps are coming off...

EverQuesting: The history of the EverQuest franchise

Back in 2013, I took a walk through the annals of the EverQuest franchise's history. What started as one title not only blossomed...

The Repopulation untangles its core issues and works on a new patch

Do you still hold any hope for The Repopulation? There seemed to be a decided dip in interest for this sci-fi sandbox following...

WVU researchers post survey seeking input on video game character avatars

I suspect that most MMO players, especially the sort who hang out on forums and blogs and care deeply about the games they play,...
Stormy weather.

First impressions of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, part 4: Conclusions

Part four covers expansion odds and ends plus the conclusion to our series: the problem with Azerite, progression, and why the expansion isn't bad, just weakly executed.
Let it all out.

Warframe adds a new Platinum pack for Twitch Prime subscribers

Have you taken advantage of Warframe's free giveaways for Twitch Prime subscribers yet? No? Then what are you even doing with your time?...
Of course, you can argue that the lack of BfA is actually a positive.

WoW’s Battle for Azeroth: Secret quests, island rewards, bug fixes, and cinematic tomfoolery

Done everything already in Battle for Azeroth? Oh, you lie, but when you are done, you might want to keep your eye out...

Bethsoft: Dodgy reseller lawsuits, new media review policies, and Legends crossplay ultimata

Today in why we can't have nice things, it appears that Bethsoft is using its legal weight to crack down on folks selling fully...
Hello again.

Amazon Game Studios hires Christoph Hartmann as Vice President

The first big release from Amazon Game Studios, Breakaway, was pretty unceremoniously killed earlier this year. That means that the future of...

Why I Play: Trove’s Geode changed me from a visitor to a player

Trove's Geode expansion has been a game-changer - and I mean it in more ways than one. The latest update/expansion to the colorful...

NCsoft is working on an Aion-related ‘next-generation’ MMORPG

No matter what your feelings may be toward NCsoft, it is great to see that the developer and publisher continues to greenlight MMORPGs instead...

Diablo franchise history book Stay Awhile and Listen nears the end of its Kickstarter

Has it really been a month since we covered Stay Awhile and Listen, the second volume in David Craddock's history of Blizzard's development...