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Hands-on with New World’s war mode: All the fun you can have blowing up a fortress of lumber

It's really hard to look at the general progress of New World and not get the sense of a game that's struggling to...

Remnant From the Ashes drops its biggest and last DLC, Subject 2923, today

Today's a bittersweet day for Perfect World and Gunfire Games, as their co-op shooter Remnant From the Ashes is dropping its biggest DLC ever...

New World’s preview event next week won’t have an NDA, will dispatch invites in waves

All week, Amazon has been offering up appetizers for the preview event it's launching in just a few days, but today, we're finally...
Leaving port.

Did Amazon just sign on to be Lost Ark’s western publisher?

Last night, Amazon announced that it's signed on to an exclusive publishing agreement in North America and Europe with Smilegate, specifically to

New World’s preview event next week comes with a shiny new client

The New World preview event (yes, they're calling it a preview event this round, not a beta or density test) is coming up...

Black Desert drops class balancing patch on PC, plans Hashashin pre-creation next week

While it's been relatively quiet over in the Black Desert console versions, PC and mobile are hopping today. On the PC side, you're...

New World is already gearing up for its ‘preview event’ next week

As August marches onward, New World fans are eagerly anticipating the promised preview event launching on August 25th, which will let in all...

First impressions and hands-on with Razer’s left-handed Naga MMO mouse

A little-known fact: I am one of the less than 10% of the world’s population who are left-handed. It’s not always convenient (those chairs...

Global Chat: Are MMO classes too similar to each other?

Blogger Yeebo Fernbottom has a beef with MMOs, and maybe you can relate. The issue, as the Yeebs sees it, is that in...

When the COVID dust settles, Nexon hopes to be among entertainment’s winners

Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney recently gave one whooper of an interview to arguing that the games industry is reaching a "major transition...
I half-see.

Vague Patch Notes: Balance in MMOs is overrated

Earlier this week, we did a post all about balance in Crucible. It was a detailed post explaining all of the ways that...

Crucible’s designers explain how the game’s balance is achieved

So, how does balance work in Crucible? As in any competitive game, balance is important, but it's kind of a vague and nebulous...

After a brief delay yesterday, Valiance Online has kicked off its one-week open beta

Do you want a taste of the next generation of superhero MMORPGs? From now through August 16th, anyone who would like to see what...

Amazon just rebranded Twitch Prime as Amazon Gaming, not much else is changing though

Amazon is apparently retooling Twitch a bit today as it's just announced Prime Gaming, which is basically the same as the Twitch Prime, with...

The Daily Grind: What MMO offered the best beta experience?

This week, MMO players have been talking about a game - and also not talking about a game. New World's beta weekend has...

Crucible’s latest beta patch introduces a big overhaul for scenarios and objectives

Crucible has been one of online gaming's punching bags of the summer, what with Amazon's decision to pull the once-launched title back...

New World wraps up ‘density test,’ and the community is impressed

With all the activity flitting about Amazon's New World these days, you wouldn't think that the upcoming MMORPG has been delayed all the...

Amazon’s Crucible delays next beta phase

For hopeful fans of Amazon's Crucible, it has not been the most comforting of summers. At the end of June, the studio announced...

New World’s first ‘density’ stress test begins today at 5 p.m. EDT

MMO gamers are gearing up for stress testing in Amazon's New World today and into the weekend. As we previously posted, today's...

Amazon’s New World gears up for ‘density’ stress testing this week

It was no real surprise earlier this month when Amazon said it was delaying New World yet again, this time until...