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Black Desert’s Ninja and Kunoichi awaken this morning

Yes, the Ninja and Kunoichi awakening update is live today in Black Desert. Kakao has upgraded both classes with their new weapons, both designed...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 94: Play this expansion, meatbag!

Justin, Bree, and Larry talk SWTOR KOTET, Elder Scrolls Online lockboxes, GW2, Black Desert, Daybreak, and Crowfall, with a mailbag question on the Nostalrius WoW emulator.

Jukebox Heroes: Massively OP’s guide to grabbing 120+ MMO soundtracks

One of the most common questions that I'm asked from my adoring throngs on the street is, "Justin, where oh where can I get...

SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne launches today; we chat with BioWare

Last year, the developers of Star Wars the Old Republic changed the focus of the game. Instead of continuing to make Knights of the Old...
Black Desert

Black Desert’s whole New World is live today, boost server opens tomorrow

If you're a Black Desert fan just waking up and stumbling to the internet this morning, good news: The game is back online. It's been...

Black Desert’s ‘New World’ server merge will keep the game offline most of Wednesday

Black Desert's big "New World" server merging is set to finalize tomorrow on schedule, Daum announced today, changing up the usual maintenance cadence: The servers...
Sniper heal grandma has no time for your nonsense.

Overwatch player is the first to hit the level cap on his own

Fancy yourself a pretty good Overwatch player? You probably don't hold a candle to TaZzeRK, a player who has achieved a rather interesting world first:...

Massively OP’s 2016 gift guide for the MMO internet spaceships fanatic

While some of us are toiling away on the ground in plate armor while fighting furry monstrosities, there's a whole world of internet spaceships...
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Massively OP’s 2016 gift guide for the MMO peripherals junkie

As an MMO player, you presumably already own a computer. You're also reading this post on some sort of electronic device! But you might be...

Massively OP’s 2016 gift guide for the MMORPG bookworm

Hey you! Yeah, the player who actually reads quest text and lore entries when all of the other hooting madmen are furiously clicking past...

Massively OP’s 2016 gift guide for the Blizzard fanatic

The holidays are almost here! Seriously, they're rushing forward at a rate of two seconds per second, or something. Which means that it's time...

Massively OP’s 2016 gift guide for the Guild Wars 2 fanatic

The best holiday of the year is almost here! I'm talking about Black Friday, of course, that magical day when everything is on sale! I'm...

Twitch-centric Streamline is free on Steam for the next 24 hours

Remember back at the turn of October, when Amazon Game Studios and Twitch announced the Twitch Prime mélange and promised everyone tons of free...

Black Desert Online merges down into EU and NA ‘New World’ servers

If you ever thought that Black Desert's server structure was unwieldy and esoteric, good news for you! Kakao has announced that the western version...

The MOP Up: Amazon Game Studios’ community tools (November 6, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Hyperspace Beacon: Are Uprisings the SWTOR group content we’ve been looking for?

As we step closer to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic's next expansion, BioWare spills more and more information about the content...

DC Universe Online caters to soloers and small-groupers in episode 27

When DC Universe Online's 27th episode arrives to wrap up the Amazon Fury series, soloers and small group players won't be left out. Daybreak...
Murlocs, naturally.

Here’s everything you can expect from BlizzCon 2016 next week

Every year, BlizzCon arrives. And every year, Bree and I sit down and liveblog about the most pertinent event for our readers to follow...

Global Chat: Stormblood, One Tamriel, New World, and the ‘antisocial epidemic’

The announcement of Final Fantasy XIV's second expansion, Stormblood, is sure to inject more life and excitement into this beloved MMORPG. A couple of...

Elder Scrolls Online talks about more contest vacation inspirations

You look tired. You look like you need a vacation. We here at the Massively Overpowered Travel Agency (MOTA) fully believe in you taking...