They exist.

The Daily Grind: What animals would you like to see more of in MMOs?

This probably will not surprise anyone reading this, but I really like animals. But I still get a bit depressed at the fact that...

Impressions of Project Gorgon from an Asheron’s Call player

It's finally time for me talk about Project Gorgon as a released product. As you might have guessed, I was avoiding the game prior to...
What up, heteros?

Wurm Online discusses upcoming changes to creature behavior

The animals in Wurm Online aren't just there to be captured and/or killed by players. They're meant to act in a plausible manner,...
He seems nice.

Conan Exiles takes a look at the creatures of the Exiled Lands

It's a given that players in Conan Exiles will spend no small amount of time facing off against one another; that's part of...

Wear animals while mentoring in Moonlight Blade

What's big in fashion in Moonlight Blade for the new year? It's not animal prints -- it's animals! From accessories to costumes to weapons,...