World of Warcraft kicks off a new animated series, Afterlives, starting on Thursday

The old adage about writing is that a dead character is less interesting than a living one, because a dead one can't do anything...
Lady guns are so complicated

Escape from Tarkov confirms no playable female characters because of ‘game lore’ and workload

Sorry, ladies, but it's just too ding-dong-dang difficult to put y'all in Escape from Tarkov. That's the cited reason why the game's developer, Battlestate Games,...
From a certain point of view.

Crowfall shows off its animations for making the Guinecean moves

The latest video from the Crowfall team covers both a monstrous race and bones! How could it be anything less than seasonally appropriate? Of...

Fortnite claims yesterday’s boob physics patch was ‘unintended’

You might be wondering why, on a day like yesterday of all days, Epic Games would patch in lady boob jiggle as a tacky...
It looks much better now.

City of Titans shows off animation blending in action

We can't really show you animation blending in the header because we tend not to use animated pictures in our headers due to resource...

City of Titans doesn’t have issues swapping male and female animations

Well this is a boon to the City of Titans project. The development team behind the superhero MMORPG was fiddling about with some of its character...

Hands-on with Secret World Legends: A second chance for a first impression

I would like to start this article by saying that there are a lot of things to like about Secret World Legends, but for...
This, obviously, is just a boring old non-animated picture.

Path of Exile offers animated teasers for Fall of Oriath

Video games are usually a pretty visual medium, especially these days, interactive fiction and Dwarf Fortress notwithstanding. It's why we all like screenshots. But...
As we all know, the night sky is like some sort of hyper-planetarium.

Chronicles of Elyria is making progress on lighting and critters

With all of the work Chronicles of Elyria put into having its demo ready for the last two major gaming conventions, there wasn't a...

Camelot Unchained is putting its new animation system through its paces

One of the key foundations for Camelot Unchained was laid this past week, as the team introduced its brand-new animation system. Mark Jacobs writes...

Sea of Thieves conjures up ‘raw-looking’ skeletons

Sea of Thieves' team is still slowly working up to the big feature reveals, preferring to spend the meanwhile discussing the smaller details of...
Not feature-complete, of course, but you knew that from the name.

Star Citizen makes progress on Patch 2.6 and Star Marine

Star Citizen's Patch 2.6 is heading to the test server soon, according to this week's episode of Around the Verse. The team has also made...
Perhaps not such good value for bat-men, but they have enough money.

The Daily Grind: Has a trailer ever convinced you to give an MMO a shot?

Companies pay a lot of money to make good trailers. We all know this. The latest World of Warcraft intro cinematic didn't cost $3.50...

Not So Massively: For the King’s Kickstarter, Hearthstone’s match controversy

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don't really...
I get so emotional, baby.

Worlds Adrift shows some real emotion

The developers behind Worlds Adrift want the game to have a lot of customization options, but that doesn't mean much if the characters aren't...
But animated for real, like.

Crowfall shows off the Confessor in action

We've been told quite a bit about Crowfall's Confessor, but words on a page don't really give a sense for what it will look...

Crowfall promises VR support in exchange for 15,000 backers

Bet you didn't see this coming. As it ticks down its final Kickstarter campaign week, Crowfall has added a tantalizing stretch goal if the...

Run, Valiance Online, run!

There's always a world of difference between viewing MMO screenshots and videos. Sometimes you just have to see a game in action to get...