Sword and Bored special edition birthday comic: ‘Anniversary gifts’

Mo helps us celebrate the site's birthday by opening an anniversary gift inside his MMO.

Battlestar Galactica Online celebrates fifth anniversary with free gifts

Sit back, let that headline sink in, and try to stop yourself from quietly muttering, "Five years? That game is still around?" Yes indeed, Battlestar...
Go bold.

Star Trek Online details the benefits of the anniversary Krenim Science Vessel

The sixth anniversary of Star Trek Online is nearly upon players, complete with all of the requisite celebration events. That means plenty of little...

Star Trek Online celebrates its sixth anniversary with a time-travel episode and giveaways

Star Trek Online seems to be one of those MMOs that always does its anniversaries justice. As the game hits its sixth birthday this...

Dungeons and Dragons Online preps Gnome race and 10th anniversary dungeon

In 2016, Dungeons and Dragons Online is joining that elite club of MMOs that have been running for an entire decade. Yes, this year...

RuneScape classic reopens for 15th anniversary

In honor of RuneScape's 15th anniversary, Jagex Games Studio is letting more players experience the world as it was way back when. Current RuneScape players...
Ah, this was handled capably.

DC Universe Online makes fifth anniversary plans

Daybreak's DC Universe Online is about to turn five years old, believe it or not, and the studio is planning a pair of streams...
Blacker than the blackest black.

DC Universe Online ends the War of the Light on January 6th

The War of the Light is the DC Universe Online version of the elaborate battle between various different hues of power rings, and it's...

RuneScape throws a month-long party for its 15th anniversary

Yes, believe it or not, RuneScape is turning 15 years old this year, and by the look of it, this MMO is still doing...

Istaria celebrates its 12th anniversary with a patch

Istaria -- the MMO that will forever be linked to its former title of Horizons with any mention of it, making one wonder why the...

The Stream Team: An anniversary stroll through SWTOR — with snowballs!

SWTOR turns four years old tomorrow, and MassivelyOP's Larry and MJ are celebrating. And what constitutes celebrating more than pelting people with snowballs? These...

SWTOR plans nostalgic fourth anniversary rewards

Believe it or not, four years has passed since Star Wars: The Old Republic first brought BioWare's brand of storytelling to the MMO space....
It's coincidence that the last three expansions have spoken to the exact same vanishingly small portion of the playerbase.

World of Warcraft celebrates 11 years of operation

Whether your opinions on World of Warcraft are positive or negative, you can't deny that reaching 11 years of operation is quite the accomplishment....

Revival looks back at its first year of development

On the eve of its the first anniversary of its development, Revival and its team are looking back at the year that was while...

Guns of Icarus turns three, gives you gifts

Guns of Icarus turns three this week, and to celebrate, Muse is giving away hats with sparklers and causing all of your enemy kills...
And all of the art design is still done on lined notebook paper.

EverQuest II anniversary celebrations kick off on Friday

Players have been adventuring in EverQuest II for more than a decade now, and that's a good reason to celebrate. Even as the developers...

The Stream Team: An anniversary excursion in Path of Exile

Path of Exile turns two years old today, and MassivelyOP's MJ is jumping in to celebrate -- by setting things on fire! A party...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Pirate101’s birthday with free gifts

What's better than a birthday? A pirate birthday, arrrrrrrrg! Pirate101 is celebrating another year, and MassivelyOP's MJ is headed back in to party. And...
It's been a long time.

Check out a teaser for RuneScape’s 15-year anniversary documentary

Next year, RuneScape will be celebrating 15 years of continual operation. Even if you don't play the game and consider it one of your...

Wind of Fate update shakes up Aion’s geography

It's been a huge month for Aion. Not only is it the fantasy MMO's sixth anniversary, but today the dev team pushed out Patch 4.8:...