The shine is off.

Astellia Online expands its one-year anniversary event beyond buffs with login rewards

Were you afraid that Astellia Online would celebrate a year since it launched in North America with nothing more than a passive buff to all...
Oh no. Oh no.

Aion invites players to celebrate its 11-year anniversary through October

Hold on a moment. Eleven years of Aion? That can't be right, it was new when I started working in this field, it can't...

Astellia Online grants an ‘ultimate buff’ for its first birthday

It's already been a year since Astellia Online launched here in the west, and anyone's first birthday is a cause for celebration. If it's...
Saturday is also all right for fighting

Albion Online celebrates three years online and spring playerbase peaks

Remember 2017? It wasn't great, but anything looks good compared to 2020, right? It was also when Albion Online launched. No, not the Steam...
Alive again!

Blizzard celebrates 20 years of Diablo II

It brought us memes, it brought us Necromancers, it brought us farming for loot, and it theoretically brought us a showdown against evil creatures...

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legend’s third anniversary and the 2020 MEGAversary event

Another year has come and gone. (Though we might be glad this one's over.) Secret World Legends, the reboot of the beloved Secret World,...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Neverwinter’s seventh anniversary with a jubilee

What? Neverwinter on a Saturday? It may not be the regular D&D night, but it is the MMO's seventh birthday, and that's a great...

APB Reloaded is 10 years old as its latest owners are throwing a (gun) party

When I joined the Massively team in 2010, the first MMO that released during my tenure was All-Points Bulletin, at the time one of...
Take care.

A happy posthumous birthday to the dearly departed WildStar

Today marks the six-year anniversary of WildStar's release. There are no in-game events planned for the game, however, due to the fact that the game...

Age of Conan’s 12th birthday is splattered with prizes and challenges

Twelve years ago in 2008, Age of Conan launched to great acclaim, bringing a mature-themed fantasy MMORPG to market. Now in 2020, the title...

Overwatch’s anniversary theme goes into the woods to grandmother’s house

Hope you weren't planning on sleeping much over the next few weeks, because you are going to need those extra hours to milk every...

Final Fantasy XI wishes its players well for its anniversary and looks to events and story soon

Saturday marked the 18-year anniversary of Final Fantasy XI from its original release in Japan, and that's a pretty big milestone. Unfortunately, it didn't...
Like a boss.

Final Fantasy XI’s anniversary content is being pushed to the future from its May update

May is the month of Final Fantasy XI's anniversary, but the content that was meant to accompany it is going to have to wait...

MapleStory throws a pixel party and welcomes MapleStory 2 refugees

There should be a rule that if your MMORPG makes it to 15 years, then you can celebrate it any way you want without...

EverQuesting: Looking back at EverQuest’s 21st year

There are landmark years, and then there are landmark years. (Not to be confused with Landmark, which has been gone for years.) You can...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Warframe’s 7th birthday with more The Sacrifice

What better way to celebrate Warframe's seventh birthday than doing one of its iconic story missions? Massively OP's MJ has started The Sacrifice, but...
Fan favoritism

Star Trek Online discusses the making of its big anniversary episode, Measure of Morality

The big anniversary event of Star Trek Online was a real crowd-pleaser, with Abraham Lincoln helping you revisit iconic missions from the game and...

EverQuest’s birthday includes free level 85 boosts and word of new progression servers

Even with a change in leadership, EverQuest is roaring right into its 21st birthday this month. To celebrate Daybreak has turned on a 50%...

Warframe of Mind: Celebrating seven years with free styles, weapons, and a contest

Is seven a lucky number? It is for Warframe, which is turning seven years old this month. Actually, I think you could argue that...

The Stream Team: Warframe’s special anniversary alerts start tonight

Warframe's lucky seventh anniversary is just around the corner, and Digital Extremes is starting the celebration this weekend with the first of four anniversary...