Black Desert’s anniversary event, world boss, new zone, and 10.6 million characters

A very happy birthday to Black Desert, which is celebrating its fourth anniversary here in the west. The popular fantasy sandbox put out an...

The Stream Team: Happy 14th birthday, Dungeons & Dragons Online!

It's crazy to think about, but DDO turns 14 years old today! That's quite a run, and Massively OP's MJ is ready to dive...

EverQuest’s 21st birthday includes agent system, level 85 boosts

Over at Daybreak's Darkpaw Games, the EverQuest team is taking the MMO out to a bar for its first legal drink. After that? Expect...

Anthem marks its anniversary by handing out free Javelin vinyls

Congratulations for sticking with Anthem for a year, here's a skin for your robot with a Roman numeral on it. That's, effectively, the way...

Massively Overthinking: MassivelyOP, five years in

Five years ago, we flipped a switch, let the site go live, and published our first article as Massively OP. It was from Justin,...
Boldly gone.

Star Trek Online fans can download costumes for the legendary shows ahead of the legendary ship packs

If you're more eager to take part in the adventures of flying across the galaxy in a classic ship rather than just "a Star...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO do you always think is older or younger than it is?

If you ask me what year Guild Wars 2 released, I'll think for a moment and then respond "2009" with a firm nod indicating...
Everything old is... well, it's actually still old.

Star Wars: The Old Republic plans eighth anniversary and Life Day festivities

It is perhaps mildly ironic that Star Wars: The Old Republic is now getting rather old in and of itself, since the game is passing...

The Stream Team: Celebrating EverQuest II’s 15 birthday with a dragon attack!

A 15th MMO birthday is already impressive, but this one has dragons! EverQuest II has added a new event for this year's anniversary celebration,...
Not riding a dinosaur.

World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary celebration starts today

After 15 years of World of Warcraft, you'd expect something of a blowout for the game's anniversary... and that's exactly what you're getting with...

Dark Age of Camelot celebrates its 18th anniversary

Eighteen years is a long and impressive span for any MMORPG to be kicking around, so naturally an in-game celebration is due for Dark...

Lusternia replaces its producer as the text-based MMO/MUD turns 15 years old

The timing for this bit of Lusternia news couldn't be worse, to be completely frank. The MUD's producer, Robb "Estarra" French, has been ejected...

Fallen Earth begins its Last Stand

After a slight delay due to patcher issues, Fallen Earth's 10th anniversary -- and its final hurrah in its current incarnation -- has begun. Little...

Fallen Earth postpones anniversary event and server shutdown by a little bit

What happens when you try to shoehorn in an event into creaky infrastructure that you never built? Chances are, nothing good. Little Orbit is...
On-brand, at least.

Twin Saga adds in a new Senshi quest alongside its anniversary event

Gosh, it's been a full three years for Twin Saga? Where does the time go? Well, into the past, and it's time to focus on the...

Ryzom turns 15 years old with events and an emerging story

September historically has been a crazy busy month for MMO launches, and so it should come as no surprise that many titles are celebrating...
Break on through to the other side.

Champions Online’s third anniversary week brings back Dr. Destroyer and his Destroid robots

It's been some time since Champions Online launched, but we've finally learned a great truth about the game's major villain: Despite his grammatically ambiguous name,...
Uh... huh. Is that what this game is about?

Aion celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a plethora of in-game events

It's Aion's birthday! The game has been running for a decade now, which means that various proclamations that the title was dead over the course...

Dungeons and Dragons Online dishes out anniversary gifts

While we usually convene here at Massively OP to discuss game launch anniversaries, today we have something slightly different: the launch of a business...

Champions Online celebrates its 10th birthday with a new mission

The longest consistently operating superhero MMORPG is hitting a significant milestone this week, with Champions Online celebrating the 10th anniversary of its launch on...