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Help Anarchy Online’s leets save Christmas

The holidays are upon Anarchy Online and that means one thing: utter leet madness! Santaleets, elfleets, gift-wrapped leets, and gingerleets all need your help...

The Game Archaeologist: Shadowbane

Way back when I used to haunt the corridors of Gamestop and had yet to shun the place due to its stinky evil, I remember...

Funcom to announce three new games in 2016

Watch out world: Funcom is cranking up its game factory for 2016. In the studio's Q3 2015 report, Funcom said that it would be announcing the...

Chaos Theory: Sneaking into The Park with Joel Bylos

Decisions, decisions. When you are invited to a special sneak peek of The Park, the upcoming single-player game based on The Secret World's own...

Funcom asks bondholders to defer company debts

As we've reported previously, Funcom's financials aren't in the best of shape, and as of this morning, the company is appealing to its bondholders to lend a hand...

Jukebox Heroes: Your top 20 favorite MMO soundtracks

I've been a sneaky columnist, my friends. Oh yes I have. In my last Jukebox Heroes I posted my top six favorite MMO soundtracks,...

The Game Archaeologist: Anarchy Online

"The future in your hands." This was Funcom's promise to gamers in the early days of the 2000s. Even as the MMORPG genre slowly took...

Anarchy Online gets a shiny new website

After 14 years of operation, Anarchy Online is moving on up to the east side. The long-running sci-fi MMO abandoned its aging website for spiffy...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite tale from the olden days of MMOs?

I have a notoriously poor memory for anything that happened more than five years ago. I might not have even been alive, for as...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMO testing experience you’ve ever had?

I know I'm not alone in feeling beta-fatigue. I hear the same things I feel from you folks in our comments and from our...

Leaderboard: What’s your favorite Funcom MMO?

Earlier this week, news of Funcom's dwindling financial fortunes kind of depressed me. And judging by our comments, it depressed a number of you,...

Massively OP Podcast: Episode 21

Justin and Bree discuss Marvel Heroes, Final Fantasy XIV, RIFT 3.3, WoW's patch cycle, Cabal 2's launch, Skyforge's soft launch, and TERA's update, with mailbag questions on hero picks, names, and character gender options.

Global Chat: Are fellowship maneuvers due for a comeback?

Lord of the Rings Online hasn't been en vogue in MMO circles recently, but that doesn't mean that the game and its systems are...

Massively OP Podcast: Episode 20

Justin and Eliot discuss FFXIV's Heavensward expansion, Devilian, WoW's 6.2 patch, Anarchy Online's graphics upgrade, WildStar's fall plans, PlanetSide 2's PS4 launch, and some embargoed goodies.
All right, I can sort of see it.

Anarchy Online’s new graphical engine is finally live

Anarchy Online has been on the verge of having a new graphics engine for what seems to be forever and a day, but it's...

Anarchy Online’s long-awaited engine upgrade looks to be coming soon

"You've waited, it's coming. In this year of 29489 on Rubi-Ka, you will see it," Anarchy Online's Twitter feed trumpeted today. We'll see what? You...

The Daily Grind: Is swimming really that important in MMOs?

One of the big brouhahas that arose back in Star Wars: The Old Republic's development was the game's lack of any type of swimming....

The Game Archaeologist: Mythic’s Imperator Online

It is a truly difficult thing to create something completely new and original, especially in storytelling and setting. It's perhaps impossible in this day...

Funcom financials trend downward, new CEO appointed

While it could have been worse, Funcom's Q1 2015 financials could have been a heck of a lot better, too. In yesterday's financial report,...
So many colors in the rainbow.

Perfect Ten: Ten MMOs still going after ten years

It struck me, very recently, that a decade is a long time for MMOs. If we're going to count Ultima Online as the first proper...