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MMO Business Roundup: Valve is shopping around Dota 2’s top tourney

Time for another quick roundup of a bunch of MMO-adjacent businessy stories that were drowning in our busy Thursday newsroom! The International: Valve is raising...

Fight or Kite: New World’s switcheroo is the best thing that could have happened for PvPers

About a month ago, Amazon’s large age of conquest MMO, New World, announced a huge shift in focus from a free-for-all, full-loot PvP game...

You’ve got one more day to play Apex Legends’ original Kings Canyon map

It's nice to see the battleground of your favorite shooter change, but sometimes those changes being made for change's sake don't always go over...

Visions of N’Zoth boosted World of Warcraft subs, but it’s lost tons since WoW Classic’s 2019 peak

SuperData's January 2020 games industry revenue rankings are up, with only mild shakeups since December 2019. On the PC side, Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped...

Valentine’s Day 2020 across the MMO universe

Per tradition, we've been covering the launch of Valentine's Day events in MMOs and MMORPGs over the last couple of weeks, but tomorrow is...

The MOP Up: Outlaws of the Old West wipes its servers

The survival sandbox that brought you Bigfoot (for some reason) is now triggering a region-wide apocalypse. OK, it's just a server wipe for Outlaws...

Apex Legends is getting a mobile version for the Chinese market

Mobile gaming and breaking into the Chinese gaming market (however lucrative that may or may not be) are still going to be things that...
Skull skull skull skull.

Apex Legends’ Season 4 adds a new character, new weapon, and an updated map

It's Season 4 time in the battle royale shooter Apex Legends, which means it's time to see the word "new" a lot. As in...
Order from disorder.

The fun when some dude yoinks an airport map screen to play Apex Legends

Look, sometimes you just need to play video games real bad. The original story appears to be gone from the radio station's blog, but the...

GTAO, Apex Legends, Warframe, and H1Z1 are among PlayStation’s most-downloaded games of 2019

One of the frustrations we always have when reporting on playerbase size in the MMO industry is that the console market is way more...

Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree Arcade Event features two weeks of changing game modes

Are you the sort of person who adapts to a new game mode in short order? Say, a couple of days? If that's the...

The Stream Team: Holiday train-saving in Apex Legends

It's been quite a long time since Massively OP's MJ has jumped into Apex Legends. Nearly a year, in fact. But what better time...

Infographic condenses gaming’s annual earnings and most talked about titles in 2019

Sure, we can all take a look back at the how gaming did fiscally this past year by blipping through search engines and archives,...

The MOP Up: Dark Age of Camelot’s progression server

Dark Age of Camelot recently put up a huge end-of-year Q&A grab bag for you to enjoy, including plans for next year -- and...
Ho, then when I say so, ho again.

The Massively Overpowered 2019 winter holiday MMO roundup

The holidays are here! Well, most of them are. Some of them might not be. And as is tradition here at Massively Overpowered, we...
I blew things up!

Apex Legends raises the level cap substantially but adds a lot more rewards to it

You may or may not be at the old level cap for Apex Legends, but you are almost certainly not at the new cap....

SuperData October 2019: League of Legends is back on top as console and PC trend downward

SuperData's October 2019 global revenue report on the video game industry is up today, and if you were hoping the PC and console industry...

The MOP Up: When no one’s online, the terror truly begins

Halloween may be over, but you can still get your creepy spook on with No Players Online. This is a horror game that uses...

EA is bringing an unspecified number of games back to Steam along with the EA Access plan

While it's not the death of Origin, this bit of news certainly sounds like the dull, wet thud of an axe ramming into its...

Apex Legends will open up the training grounds to let players get used to characters and weapons

Seeing as how Fortnite is all slurped up into a black hole, perhaps it's time to consider other battle royale news stories like this...