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There’s far too much hitbox around Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Hitboxes are tricky things in any sort of competitive game. Broadly speaking, hitboxes are the spaces around a character that can be hit by...

Leaderboard: How worried are you for PlanetSide Arena and Daybreak right now?

Daybreak's Friday-night revelation that it is delaying PlanetSide Arena to summer made me worried. Actually, the revelation that the company would be refunding everyone...

The Stream Team: Another day, another Apex Legends match

"Just one more match!" That was Massively OP's MJ was chanting last week when she tried Apex Legends for the first time. She may...

Apex Legends news: Twitch Prime goodies, esports things, and a new gun

As often seems to be the case with games like these, news from the realm of Apex Legends comes in a bundle form. For...

Apex Legends dataminers unearth Battle Pass details, potential new game mode

So far, all we know about Apex Legends's upcoming Battle Pass is that it exists and will be introduced to the game when its...
The krogan, forever charging.

Apex Legends: 16k bans, content cadence, mode leaks, and Apex Construct’s not-so-lucky break

EA's surprise hit Apex Legends hasn't slowed down since its stealth launch earlier this month, in spite of worth contenders in the field -...

The MOP Up: TERA and PUBG combine unholy forces

TERA sent out a press release this week confirming the end of the world: "Finally, the dream collaboration between TERA and PUBG is real!...

The Stream Team: A first look at Apex Legends

Massively OP's MJ may not be stellar at battle royale games, but that doesn't mean she won't dive in and play! A new team-based...
Yay, sort of?

Apex Legends grows to 25 million players, announces exclusive Valentine’s Day loot

It wouldn't have been unreasonable to think that Apex Legends had hit its stride a few days ago when it announced that it had...
This is neither fine nor not fine.

EA stock recovers from loss on the back of Apex Legends’ launch

After the release of the third-quarter results for Electronic Arts on Tuesday, the company experienced a nasty dip in its stock value, dropping 18%...
hnn... colonel

Apex Legends continues to grow, reaching 10 million players in 72 hours

Newly released battle royale title Apex Legends announced the other day that it had amassed 2.5 million players and hit 600,000 concurrent players within...
Our balance philosophy is actually balancing things.

Apex Legends passed 600,000 concurrent players in 24 hours

Amidst the bad news for Electronic Arts yesterday, there was a note of positivity when it comes to Apex Legends. You may remember the battle...
It goes clicky.

EA is focusing on Anthem and Apex Legends following disappointing quarter

Things haven't been going as well as planned for Electronic Arts lately, if its latest earnings report is anything to go by. The company...

Titanfall dev’s new Apex Legends battle royale title snagged 1M players on day one

We don't really cover Titanfall around here, but you might be interested all the same in Respawn's new battle royale set in the same...