april fools day 2023

April Fools’ Day events in the MMO world, 2023 edition

April Fools' Day has a weird feel this year, being on a weekend, but it's here all the same. It's tradition for MMO devs...
Not this.

The Daily Grind: What’s your fondest MMO memory from… last month?

Welcome to the very first Massively Overpowered Throwback Weekend! You know, we've been reporting on the news here for a long time now, something...

The Stream Team: AQ3D’s Burger Hero opens for business

What will Massively OP's MJ be doing to prepare for April Fools Day tomorrow? Attending the grand opening of Burger Hero in AQ3D! Who...

The Stream Team: Trying to take on the doom chickens in Neverwinter

Sometimes things line up perfectly: MOP's Chris is tripping his way through Neverwinter for Choose My Adventure, and the April Fowls' Day event is...
I'm a model, do you know what I mean?

Guild Wars 2 finally embraces the need for style in the first part of its April Fools’ Day joke

All right, so Guild Wars 2 is done with dragons. That's the whole point of the last expansion. What about other problems that are...

Elder Scrolls Online dares you to ’embrace the outrageous’ with its Jester’s Festival

Do you have a manic grin on your face and a willingness to "embrace the outrageous?" It's really the only way to approach Elder...

Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box – and part of an unfinished World 3 – is live ahead of April Fools’ Day 2023

Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Festival is live for the April Fools' season as of today with all the usual features and tweaks. Players...

Neverwinter asks players to stop the ‘a-bok-alypse’ once more with its returning April Fowls event

Life in Neverwinter is getting clucked up again as April Fools' Day has descended on the titular city with the returning April Fowls event,...

World of Warships goes rubber ducky crazy once again for its annual April Fools’ event

Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make naval fights so much fun. That's right, rubber duck fights are back again in World of Warships'...

Classic EverQuest begins testing its new UI engine as Bristlebane Day begins

Classic EverQuest is having a helluva month as it engages in its 24th birthday celebrations, but Daybreak isn't stopping there as the game's roadmap...