april fools day

It's not real.

The Daily Grind: What MMO April Fools’ Day joke makes you sad it’s just a joke?

It's not really difficult to tell when an announcement is an April Fools' Day joke; they're usually pretty obvious. Final Fantasy XIV's announcement of...
These guys.

Introducing the Massively Overpowered Objectivity Guide and App

Friends, enemies, ladies, gentlemen, morphean blobs, and colours out of space, we know that the most pressing question on your mind when you read...

April Fools’ Day 2017: Hijinks across the MMOverse

If you don't like tricks and jokes, just stop reading right now, turn the lights off, and go climb back into bed. Nothing on...

First you’ll be shocked, then you’ll be inspired by these MU Legend class videos

There are so many MU games these days that we wouldn't blame you if you lost track of them all. In addition to MU...

80 unusual problems that can be explained by Skyforge’s Alchemist class

This week, Skyforge reintroduced the combat Alchemist class with a brand-new class trailer. This is not an April Fools' joke! The Alchemist is a hybrid...

This Destiny update will leave you breathless

Coming on April 12th is a sizable update to Destiny with all sorts of new challenges and rewards for players who have blitzed through...

Project Genom’s video proves you’ve been running wrong in video games your whole life

Has Project Genom slipped off your radar? A new report from the team about the game's progress as it hurdles toward early access in...

The hidden DOTA 2 tournament secrets that Valve doesn’t want you to know!

DOTA 2's huge annual tournament, The International, is coming to Seattle this August, and tickets for the popular event are going on sale next week. The...

Think you know what platforms you can play Titan Quest on? Think again!

Remember last year when DotEmu announced it was porting multiplayer mythological hack-'n'-slash classic Titan Quest to iOS? Probably not, unless you're as rabid a...

Atlas Reactor’s Oz will restore your faith in humanity

Yesterday Trion Worlds' turn-based PvP title Atlas Reactor launched a special open alpha event for the world at large. The limited-time test is meant...
Not part of Fable or Fables, despite the name.

The truth about fabled zones will change the way you play EverQuest II

If you have fond memories of the Ruins of Varsoon in EverQuest II, get ready to relive them, because that region is getting the...

29 sassy insults for the e-thugs who are DDOSing Shroud of the Avatar

Sadly, this one isn't an April Fools' Day joke, or if it's a prank on the part of the perpetrators, it's not a funny...

WoW Factor: A totally legitimate history of World of Warcraft

Editor's note: We're sorry to report that Eliot appears to have fallen through some sort of wormhole when this column was due. Maybe a...
It's never quite gone.

April Fools’ Day around the MMOverse

Happy April Fools' Day, and remember not to believe anything you read on the internet today! We're stepping outside of our own BuzzFeed-headline prank...
Starting again.

There’s never been a Landmark hotfix patch like this one; you’ll have to see it to believe it

A whole mess of bugfixes are on the table today for Landmark players, making the experience of crafting landscapes and mining for resources that...
Oh, rocks! Novel.

Find out what Mark Jacobs, Max Porter, and Jenesee Grey had to say about Camelot Unchained

The team behind Camelot Unchained is still hard at work making the game ready for its first beta test, but there's still plenty to...
Chill out!

You won’t believe how much the Frostkeeper soul can heal tanks in RIFT

Having more healing options is always nice if you prefer "staying alive" to "dying," so RIFT is adding another healer in the form of...
Hello, I'm very shiny.

The Daily Grind: In which we tell you the jokes you’re expecting to find through the day

The day of the fool Has arrived once again here; Eyes are upon us. What jokes might writers In the MOP newsroom Play upon you now? In years past, our...

War Thunder’s new sky renders will melt your eyeballs with joy

Considering how much time War Thunder players spend fighting and flying through the skies, having that horizon look as gorgeous as possible is probably...

Guild Wars 2 brings back Super Adventure Box for April Fools’ Day

So we're going to cross our fingers and hope that this is all true and not just a new April Fools' joke about an...