arcane legends

Official Site: Arcane Legends
Studio: Spacetime Studios
Genre: Fantasy Mobile MMORPG
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mobile

Spacetime Studios’ Pocket Legends Adventures has soft launched into open beta

Earlier this fall, we learned that Spacetime Studios was working on a new mobile MMO: It's called Pocket Legends Adventures, an "homage" to what Spacetime says...

Spacetime Studios announces Pocket Legends Adventures

Last week, we broke the news that Spacetime Studios was working on a new mobile MMO, and as of today's announcement, it's been confirmed....

Pocket Legends studio Spacetime is working on another mobile MMO

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Arcane Legends: Curse of the Cryostar takes players inside a Gnome civil war

Mobile gamers looking for an MMO could do a heck of a lot worse than to pick up Arcane Legends. It's actually a very...

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Cross-platform MMO Arcane Legends receives its sixth expansion today

Spacetime Studios' mobile MMO Arcane Legends is due for a major upgrade on PC, Android, and iOS this week. Its sixth expansion, Rage of the...