arena commander

An early playable module for Star Citizen.

Star Citizen dates its next free-to-play Invictus Week event, talks about Theaters of War progress

Star Citizen is a project of multiple game modes. There's the Persistent Universe (the MMO mode), Arena Commander (the space combat arena mode), Star...

Star Citizen opens up another free fly demo and writes an alpha 3.12 postmortem

It's once more time to entice new players into the persistent universe of Star Citizen. As of yesterday, CIG kicked off yet another free...

Star Citizen’s April report talks about Pyro planets, a refining station, and player trading

While a fair bit of Star Citizen's monthly report for April was about work for alpha 3.9's release, there are a few intriguing little...

Star Citizen Live’s Q&A session discusses social features and quantum travel

Star Citizen held a Q&A session with its US Persistent Universe team this past Friday, which touched on a variety of topics regarding update...

Star Citizen Live discusses the Theaters of War multiplayer FPS mode

One of the more surprising reveals to come out of last year's CitizenCon was Theaters of War, a 20v20 mode arriving to Star Citizen...

CitizenCon 2019: Star Citizen previews alpha 3.8, details Theatres of War, teases next star system

While the opening beats of Star Citizen's CitizenCon event may have started with some disappointment, the remainder of the event had lots of things...

Star Citizen hypes this weekend’s CitizenCon, plans new community hub and free-fly event

We're about to have another big MMO convention weekend: this one for Star Citizen, as CitizenCon begins on Saturday. But as it so often...

Garbled pirate transmissions are playing in Star Citizen’s 3.7.1 PTU

While the primary purpose of alpha 3.7.1 in Star Citizen is to test random asteroid interdiction, that apparently doesn't mean that CIG isn't eager...

Interview: Star Citizen’s Sean Tracy on the gameplay features of alpha 3.7, live today

Today marks another big installment for the alpha of Star Citizen. The 3.7 update should now be live for everyone as you read this,...

Star Citizen’s monthly report promises new missions, improved AI, and caves

The month of May has seen lots of development done in Star Citizen according to the game's monthly report. Now having typed that sentence,...

Choose My Adventure: Taking the steering wheel of Star Citizen

Star Citizen's recent free fly event, and in particular the time I spent with MJ and friends riding an extremely swanky ship, has gotten...

Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers ground races, 3.3 ships, and security checkpoints

Hey guys, log into Star Citizen, I wanna do a Death Race! Yeah, maybe that isn't the best nickname for the Scramble Race, which...

One Shots: Drop. Your. Sword.

"It's possible, pig, I might be bluffing. It's conceivable, you miserable, vomitous mass, that I'm only lying here because I lack the strength to...

Star Citizen launches 2.6 Star Marine, announces Amazon Lumberyard partnership

It's always nice to be able to report good news about Star Citizen, as one of our readers noted when sending us this tip, and...

Star Citizen dishes on alpha 2.6 progress and procedural planets

This week's Star Citizen Around the Verse is ostensibly a check-in with the Frankfurt team, but there's quite a bit of teasing for 2.6...

Chris Roberts interviews shed light on Star Citizen launch, ambition, and CitizenCon

Gamers Nexus has a lengthy set of video interviews out covering Star Citizen this week. CIG's Chris Roberts touches on alpha 3.0, which he...

Star Citizen is free to play and test this week for PAX East

If you've been waiting patiently on the sidelines for a chance to jump into Star Citizen, this week might be the right time. Cloud...
Right in half.

Star Citizen clarifies the persistent universe and Squadron 42 split

Are you wondering about how the split between Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will affect your purchase of the game? The short answer is...
Just go full-speed into everything at all times. Ram enemies at .2c as your attack.

Star Citizen makes major flight model changes for alpha 2.0

Modeling deep-space flight in Star Citizen involves thinking a lot about vectors, acceleration, and maneuvering thrusters. That's always been the case. The game is...

Not So Massively: Gamers rally around Total Biscuit (October 19, 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really...