The Kobrave and the &c.

Shroud of the Avatar shows off kobold style

As players venture deeper into the underground of Shroud of the Avatar, they're going to run into kobolds. That's just the reality of...

Crowfall’s visuals are ‘stylized… with a little more grit’

Some of the criminally unsung heroes of MMOs are the artists who strive to sculpt and design the look of a game to fit...
Tuesday point five.

Star Trek Online details the art design of the Tier 6 flagships

Every Star Trek series has its iconic ships, and for Star Trek Online, the factional flagships fulfill those roles. Those flagships have recently...

Sword and Bored special edition birthday comic: ‘Anniversary gifts’

Mo helps us celebrate the site's birthday by opening an anniversary gift inside his MMO.

Skyforge is making screenshots way easier with its new screen-pausing ‘photomode’

Do you suffer from screenshot envy? Does it bother you that developers will produce screenshots that offer a perfect little slice of the action...

Sword and Bored: Rage quit

Mo disconnects from his game in an epic rage quit for our 2015 comic finale.

Sword and Bored: Dye job

Mo demos his MMO's new dye combos for his most discerning buddy Amilya.

Interview: Pantheon devs on funding, Unity, and the launch window

Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMO that's suffered more than its fair share of drama and setbacks, but even detractors...

Sword and Bored: Alt

Thanks to his friend Amilya, Mo has finally rolled up an alt -- but has he really?

Sword and Bored: The seams of the world

Mo is finally rescued from his free-fall, but that's not the end of his team's troubles.

Sword and Bored: Customer service

Mo learns there's a fate worse than falling through the world: dealing with customer service!

Sword and Bored: World clipping

Mo falls through the cracks in the world and struggles to save himself from his MMO.

Sword and Bored: Ready check

Mo joins his first raid. The first boss fight has been explained and everyone is ready, right? Right?

Sword and Bored: Costume designer

Mo gets to mess around with his MMO's cosmetic outfit system. Amilya "helps" him, of course.

Glitch art book makes digital edition available for purchase

If you're a Glitch fan and you missed out on buying The Art of Glitch through its Indiegogo campaign back in 2013,...

Sword and Bored: Player bounties

Mo has made many friends while playing his MMO, but there is always that one friend he can count on... right?

Sword and Bored: To the rescue

Mo deals with the effects of a PvP flag while trying to evade players and NPCs during his escape from town.

Sword and Bored: TEF

Mo dumps his loot at a junk vendor and learns all about temporary enemy flagging.

Sword and Bored: Player housing

Mo is introduced to MMO player housing... and why some people find it frustrating.
I get so emotional, baby.

Worlds Adrift shows some real emotion

The developers behind Worlds Adrift want the game to have a lot of customization options, but that doesn't mean much if the characters...