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The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 reworks its Gyala Delve meta-event

Guild Wars 2 pushed out a patch last week that adjusted how the Gyala Delve meta-event functions and doles out rewards. Part of this...

The Stream Team: Happy 4th birthday, Astroneer

While Astroneer came out in early access on Steam in December of 2016, its official launch anniversary is today. Of course, Massively OP's MJ...

Astroneer’s Awakening update introduces a mysterious new mission chain and UI improvements

What awaits in the center of the solar system in Astroneer? Science would tell you it's a sun, but a newly added mission chain...

The Stream Team: Astroneer is full of Christmas Project C.H.E.E.R.

What's a good way to spend Christmas Eve? For Massively OP's MJ, the answer is: in Astroneer! Not only is the game adorable, but...

Astroneer brings back its toy-delivering Project CHEER holiday event in latest patch

The holidays are arriving to the space-based survivalbox of Astroneer once again as this week's patch has re-launched the Project CHEER event for another...

The Stream Team: Something mysterious in Astroneer

What's that?! There's something mysterious going on in Astroneer, and Massively OP's MJ wants to get to the bottom of it! She's donning her...

Astroneer is getting a graphic novel next year with pre-orders available now

MMOs getting comics and graphic novels based on their setting isn't really new, but we're not sure how many expected one to come out...

The Stream Team: Another Astroneer EXO F.A.R.M. event

It's the return of Astroneer's Fuel Acquisition, Renewal & Maintenance event! The sturdysquash are in season again and Massively Op's MJ is ready to...

The MOP Up: Mu Online debuts a new level 1400 zone

Mu Online -- the original, accept no substitutes -- pumped out two new zones for players to explore. The maps in question are Old...

The MOP Up: Trove’s Sunrise update arrives on consoles

Trove's new Solarian class is finally available to play on Xbox, Switch and PlayStation, as the Sunrise update landed on those consoles this past...

The Stream Team: Enjoying the Astroneer EXO event

Last week, Massively OP's MJ was so distracted by snails on rails and roller coasters in Astroneer that she completely missed that there was...

The MOP Up: Astroneer’s trains chug-a-choo-choo onto the Switch

Trains in space? Hey, why not! Astroneer brought the fun of high-tech rail transport to the Nintendo Switch this past week: "Enjoy building rail...

The Stream Team: Snails on rails in Astroneer

What's better than singing space snails? How about singing space snails on rails?! Astroneer's new update added some really neat things, not the least...

Ride the sandboxy space rails in Astroneer’s latest patch

System Era Softworks is promoting Astroneer's new train-filled patch as an alternative to driving dunebuggies into canyons and carting resources on your back, but...

These are the online gaming companies supporting reproductive choice and healthcare for workers

When news of the impending overturn of Roe v. Wade in the United first leaked in early May, so few games companies spoke up...

The Stream Team: Cleaning up EXO’s mess in Astroneer

While Massively OP's MJ was excited for a new Astroneer event, she didn't know that entailed EXO throwing tons of junk on her planets!...

The Stream Team: Seeking safety gear in Astroneer

When you're trying to survive in space, safety is important! And Astroneer's newest update includes an EXO Salvage Initiative that rewards some spiffy safety...

Space sandbox Astroneer has seen more than 8M players over its lifetime

Astroneer has been a fan-favorite multiplayer sandbox both on MOP and in my own household for years now - five years, in fact, since...

The Stream Team: A third Astroversary for Astroneer!

Three years of adorableness and counting! Astroneer turns three years old tomorrow, and Massively OP's MJ is excited to celebrate this happy Astroversary. There...

The Stream Team: Gutting Glacio and a chorus of singing space snails in Astroneer

When the best laid plans are derailed by singing space snails... it's worth it! Massively OP's MJ still needs to dig to the center...