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Astroneer’s fall update invites you to plant ALL the space squash

We somehow managed to miss the fall Astroneer update, which is wild since my own kids have been playing it, but either way we're...

Astroneer is heading to the Nintendo Switch in early 2022

As much fun as Astroneer can be, you currently have to settle in at home in order to play the game, so clearly modern...

Astroneer’s Jet-Powered update flies into the game with new aerial vehicles

Remember when I first wrote about the Jet-Powered update coming to Astroneer and how it was a big deal because hoverboards? Now that the...

Astroneer is adding a hoverboard, new vehicles, and new missions this month in the Jet Powered update

Few games can't be improved with the addition of hoverboards. Think about it. How much better would traversing the world be? And mounted combat?...

Massively Overthinking: Do you associate music with memory in MMOs?

The other night, I tried to log in to the Star Wars Galaxies emu and the music hit me hard. See, I play SWG...

The Stream Team: Astroneer’s second great scrap event

The EXO Salvage Initiative has returned to Astroneer, and Massively OP's MJ is ready to clean up the planets. What? The fact that there...

Not So Massively roundup: PUBG Lite’s sunset, Astroneer’s compass, SMITE’s Gilgamesh

Welcome back to our occasional roundup of what's going on in multiplayer games that aren't really MMORPGs! There's actually a ton of news this...

The Stream Team: A second Astroneer anniversary

The cutest space survival ever turns two years old today! And Massively OP's MJ is ready to wish Astroneer a very happy second anniversary....

The Stream Team: Participating in Astroneer’s Project Cheer 2020

If there is one thing 2020 could sure use more of, it's cheer. And Astroneer is delivering with its Project Cheer for the holidays...

Astroneer’s graphics boost and holiday update are live – do you wanna build a spaceman?

Well this might just be the cutest thing I've seen all day, but then again I'm writing this at 11 a.m. and the day...

The Stream Team: Astroneer’s B.O.O. event is underway for Halloween

For Halloween, Astroneer has a giant hungry plant that needs to be fed, and Massively OP's MJ has volunteered for the position. To feed...

The Stream Team: An Astroneer escape alleviates Earthly woes

It has been far too long since Massively OP's MJ enjoyed the atmosphere in Astroneer, a game that offers light-hearted frivolity and fun. Even...

Multiplayer Roundup: Spellbreak, Astroneer, Runeterra, Apex Legends, OWL, and the Ragnarok battle royale

We're rounding up a bunch of Not-So-Massively multiplayer-but-not-MMORPG news today! Spellbreak: The popular new battle royale rolled out its 1.1 release, chiefly focused on bugs...

Astroneer’s second big automation update is live – here’s the new trailer

If you had asked me a year ago what game my whole family would be playing together this summer, I probably would not have...

GDC Summer 2020: How Astroneer’s crafting balances cognitive load for the player

Long time followers of Astroneer may recall that the game's early development crafting felt cute but incomplete. Despite the game already being in the wild,...

The Survivalist: Astroneer’s worst mistake was using Nitrado servers

Wonder rant powers, activate! It's been a long while since I have been pushed to the point of activating rant mode. I can be chill...

The Survivalist: Astroneer adds automation (and it’s awesome)

Astroneer is already an awesome game. Even as a survival game, it is my go-to for chill fun. It scratches the mega harvesting or...

The Stream Team: Touring Astroneer automation set ups

One cool aspect about Astroneer that Massively OP's MJ appreciates is the ability to visit the game worlds of your friends. Each person has...

The Stream Team: A look at Astroneer’s brand-new automation

Do you know what all crafting games need? Harvesters! Especially ones that don't destroy the landscape. And now Astroneer has them. In this just-released...

The Stream Team: A glimpse of Glacio goodness in Astroneer

Massively OP's MJ has been having fun with her friends in Astroneer thanks to the dedicated servers. And now she has a chance to...