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The Stream Team: Another Allods anniversary!

Is eight enough? No! Allods Online is celebrating its eighth anniversary today, and it is storming right on ahead into another year. Massively OP's...

Allods Online preps three new classes for its next expansion

A new expansion on the way for the somewhat dormant Allods Online? It looks like this might be the case, as revealed the...

Battle Bards Episode 132: Steampunk

Steam-powered tech, airships, clockwork machines, and automata are the source of inspiration for this week’s episode of Battle Bards! The team scrounged the landscape...

The MOP Up: Pagan Online slams ARPGs and MOBAs together

Tack this on your list of action-RPGs to watch. Mad Head Games announced that it is developing a blend of ARPG and MOBA with...
There were some decent tabletop Star Trek games, but no.

Perfect Ten: MMOs with the most needlessly obtuse stats

One of my favorite reviewers of tabletop RPGs at one point opined that percentile systems were one of the best tabletop mechanics possible, simply...

Ashes of Creation addresses concerns, localization, pay-to-win, publishing, and regionlocks

Earlier this week, the Ashes of Creation team sparked a wildfire of concern when it announced that it'll partner with to publish the... will publish Ashes of Creation in Europe and the CIS region [Updated]

We've updated at the end of the article with an additional statement from Intrepid. Ashes of Creation is barreling on toward its first real alpha,...

Allods Online’s Ascension trailer promises a content-packed future

There's a huge Allods Online on the horizon, so you're going to need to get your body and mind ready for it lest you...

The Stream Team: Happy 7th anniversary Allods Online!

It's been seven years -- of Allods luck! Allods Online celebrates its seventh anniversary today, and Massively OP's MJ is back in on Fuzzykinns,...

Perfect Ten: A dozen MOBAs that didn’t make it

With the insane success -- both in terms of popularity and finances -- that Dota and League of Legends spawned, you can easily understand...

One Shots: This is too weird for even me

I like to think that I have a fairly open mind when it comes to accepting strange sights and races in fantasy MMORPGs, but...
Fresh-faced losers again.

Allods Online outlines the upcoming Spark Talents system

Why should you stop advancing your character in Allods Online just because you've hit the level cap? The game's next major update is going...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs with playable fairies

Probably my greatest and most constant gripe about fantasy MMORPGs is that for all of the freedom and imagination that this genre supposedly boasts,...

The MOP Up: Skyforge gets a dark rush with the Revenant (September 10, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
Into the unknown.

Perfect Ten: MMOs obsessed with the floating islands trope

One of the fun things about this hobby is that certain tropes repeat themselves constantly. And they're usually weirdly specific tropes, too. Poop quests,...
I am very amusing.

Allods Online trailer hypes Creation update

Just because Allods Online rolled out its Creation update last week doesn't mean that the MMO is finished hyping this major milestone. Yesterday, the...
You have to want it.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 119: Finalest Fantasy

Justin and Eliot discuss FFXIV, FFXI, Black Desert, Neverwinter, World of Warcraft, Secret World Legends, LOTRO, EverQuest, Allods, and RIFT, with mailbag questions on MMO role homogenization, PvP pay-to-win, and the Marvel Heroes uproar.
Another artist's conception of something unrelated.

Allods Online’s Creation update is live with a fresh start bonus experience server

As promised, Allods Online has pushed Creation, its first patch of the Immortality expansion, live in the west today, complete with an Olympic-style athletic...

Allods Online’s Creation update lands May 23

Next week is shaping up to be a big one for the MMO industry, unsurprisingly, as Memorial Day approaches and schools begin leaking out...

Perfect Ten: Exploring MMORPGs from the far corners of the world

Have you ever noticed that while there's an entire world out there, most all of the MMORPGs we discuss and play tend to either...