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Cloud Pirates sails into its first closed beta test, shows off ship classes

Who doesn't like a flying airship, particularly when its heavily armed and given license to slug it out with the other traffic on its...

Allods Online confronts the Architects in its Blazing Skies update

The final showdown with the mysterious Architects and their Star Gates is at hand. Yesterday, Allods Online flipped the switch to activate its Blazing...

Cloud Pirates enters closed beta October 18, begins selling founder packs

0 announced this week that its Allods Online-inspired sky-MOBA Cloud Pirates will enter closed beta next week on October 18th. The company has likewise put...

Allods Online throws dual events for Psionicists and Elves

Some MMOs like to space out their events while others, such as Allods Online, have no problem layering them like delicious activity cake. Right...

The Stream Team: A peek into Cloud Pirates

If you had the chance to check out something that combines flight with pirates, you would, wouldn't you? MassivelyOP's MJ certainly couldn't pass up...
To be fair, I suppose you can't make a game with that title and then have lots of water, but.

Cloud Pirates invites select players into this weekend’s friends and family test

Cloud Pirates, the MOBA set in the Allods Online universe, is hosting a friends and family test this weekend. Why should that concern you?...
Sadly, I was hoping for actual trains.

Allods Online introduces battle training with its next patch

You don't have a permanent Arena team or the most solid possible grasp of raid mechanics in Allods Online. That's not pleasant, is it?...

MMO publisher gPotato suffered a major account data breach in 2007

Think back to 2007: Statistically, you were probably playing World of Warcraft's The Burning Crusade, or maybe even Lord of the Rings, Vanguard, or...

Allods’ Burning Skies update reworks maze system

Do you own a maze in Allods Online? If you do, or you plan to, you'll want to take note of the changes coming...

The MOP Up: Batman invites you to his gala (September 18, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
Top gear indeed.

Allods Online grants all accounts a free week on its subcription-only server

Allods Online has the distinction of being one of the very few MMORPGs to launch as a free-to-play game and add a subscription-only server... is porting its pirate MOBA here as Cloud Pirates

Remember back in July when we wrote about Pirates: Allods Online, a 10v10 shooter/MOBA/thing that landed in beta in Russia? I have good news...

Allods Online’s Unconquered Summit update arrives

With a name like "Unconquered Summit," you just know that this Allods Online is taunting you to come and try to beat it. Patch 7.0.1...
Gears of store.

Allods Online adjusts endgame gearing in patch 7.0.1

If you're big on endgame content in Allods Online, you probably have strong feelings about how you get geared up. You might be frustrated...

Pirates: Allods Online shooter hits beta this week

If you're a big fan of the Allods Online art style and universe but don't actually like the MMORPG, then I have good news...

Allods Online has six new regions in the works

Allods Online always seems like one of those MMORPGs where there's no shortage of frontiers to explore. When Patch 7.0.1 arrives, that frontier will...
The magical man from happyland.

Allods Online teases a story and a raid with its next update

The next patch for Allods Online will lead players to the Winter Palace, which sounds like a lovely vacation spot. It brings to mind...

The MOP Up: Ingress players show love for Orlando (June 26, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
This is not a swimsuit.

Allods Online asks its players to design a swimsuit

See that man in the header there? He is sad. Why is he sad? Because he's Frank and he's dumb not wearing a swimsuit....

Allods Online is now fully integrated on Steam

The Russian version of 2010 fantasy-steampunk MMORPG Allods Online officially launched on Steam back in January, but as of today, its English integration is complete...