Atlas Reactor

Official Site: Atlas Reactor
Studio: Trion Worlds
Launch Date: October 4, 2016
Genre: Turn-Based OFPS
Business Model: F2P/B2P Hybrid
Platform: PC

Riders on the ic...arus.

Betawatch: Riders of Icarus rounds out its beta (June 3, 2016)

The third and final stage of Riders of Icarus testing is upon us! The third and final closed beta started on Thursday...

Atlas Reactor opens beta access to all this weekend

Are you planning on purchasing the buy-to-play Atlas Reactor? If you haven't made up your mind yet, Trion Worlds is hoping
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Analyst argues game devs are abandoning free-to-play in some genres

Red Fox Insights analyst Jake Parmley has another piece on Gamasutra this week, this one arguing that video game developers are "backing...

Betawatch: Perfect World signs on to publish Gigantic (May 13, 2016)

Things had looked bleak for Gigantic. Setting the game up as being only on Windows 10 and Xbox One hadn't exactly bolstered its...

Atlas Reactor arrives on Steam early access today

Trion Worlds has just announced that Atlas Reactor enters Steam's early access program today. The launch begins with a sale; the game...

Atlas Reactor welcomes one and all this weekend

Atlas Reactor is working hard to make a name for itself as a unique twist in the multiplayer PvP space. One of its...
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Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria racks up the funding (May 6, 2016)

On May 3rd, Chronicles of Elyria started its Kickstarter campaign. On May 4th, the developers were already hitting significant funding milestones....

Atlas Reactor switches from a free-to-play to buy-to-play model

Trion has decided to launch Atlas Reactor as a buy-to-play game. "During Closed Beta, we’ve been figuring out how to best tune our...
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Shroud of the Avatar is into its final countdown as a game without permanence. Sure, the most recent update required a character...

Grab an Atlas Reactor closed beta key from Trion and MOP

Good news, afternoon readers! Trion's granted us a handful closed beta keys for Atlas Reactor -- first come, first served, and you...

What to expect from Atlas Reactor’s closed beta launching today

Atlas Reactor, Trion's turn-based, MOBA-esque PvP game, just finished up its final alpha testing this past weekend, and today, the studio officially kicks off its closed beta....

The Stream Team: Another round of Atlas Reactor alpha

It's been a while since MassivelyOP's MJ dived into Atlas Reactor, the match-based sci-fi PvP game. With the open alpha closing soon, this is...

Atlas Reactor launches Vive preview, EVE Gunjack launches on Vive, EVE Valkyrie confirms Vive arrival in 2016

If you're not quite sure you'll want to play Atlas Reactor when its closed beta launches on April 14th, then today's playable preview...

Atlas Reactor’s Oz will restore your faith in humanity

Yesterday Trion Worlds' turn-based PvP title Atlas Reactor launched a special open alpha event for the world at large. The limited-time test...

Atlas Reactor’s open alpha kicks off on March 31

Trion announced today that the open alpha for its turn-based sci-fi PvP action game Atlas Reactor will begin later this week. "Everyone’s invited to...
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Betawatch: The Division opens up for beta testing (February 19, 2016)

It's that wonderful time again, ladies and gentlemen, when a long-awaited title goes into open beta. The Division has opened up its...

The Stream Team: Accessing the Atlas Reactor alpha

What are MassivelyOP's Larry and MJ's reactions to Atlas Reactor? You can find out: The duo are jumping into the game's special alpha access...

Atlas Reactor hosts its alpha sneak peek week

The Atlas Reactor alpha is speeding along with the occasional squeak, but this week, information need not be leaked. You can just try...

Massively OP’s sneak peek of Atlas Reactor, Trion’s turn-based strategy MOBA

I first experienced Atlas Reactor just before Trion made its big announcement at the PAX Prime party last summer. At the time,...

New Atlas Reactor vid explains the basics

Trion's team tactics game Atlas Reactor has a new video as of tonight. It's a two-minute preview that explains how each turn...