The Survivalist: ARK’s Homestead update builds on disappointment

After all the time waiting for Studio Wildcard to deliver on its promise of integrating the super popular S+ building mod into the core...
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Atlas previews its two new PvP modes due for the test realm in late March

There are people in Atlas who do not care for PvP. There's no version of PvP that will make those players happy. There are also...

Tamriel Infinium: Stuff it, naysayers, this is the perfect time for dragons in Elder Scrolls Online

I admit that I was one of the first people on board with the original idea that there would be no dragons in the...

Atlas previews March milestone claim system changes and procedural shipwrecks

Last week, Atlas gave players their first peek at what they can expect with the March milestone update coming later this month, and in...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 210: The spice must flow

Justin and Bree discuss Funcom's Dune, Anarchy Online's prog, Elder Scrolls Online's Wrathstone, Atlas' wipe, Guild Wars 2's layoffs, DDO's Sharn expansion, and Outlaws of the Old West, with adventures in Eldevin, LOTRO, Paragon Chat, Trove, and SWG; a mailbag question on finding laid-back MMOs; and a sponsored segment on Black Desert.

Watch the rise and fall of the most popular Steam games of the last four years

For those of us who are visual learners (or heck, bar chart fanatics - and you know who you are), there's an interesting animated gif...

One Shots: Event horizon ahoy!

Just a word of neighborly advice, but if you ever find yourself this near to a black hole, you might as well take screenshots...

Atlas signals an incoming official server wipe along with a major milestone update

Hope you didn't get too comfortable in Atlas' early access, because these pirates are getting ready to swab the decks clean. And by that...
Yarr, cut out all carbs, got much lighter.

Atlas takes aim at offline raiding and land ownership while delaying its next major patch

The bad news for Atlas fans is that the game's next major patch will be delayed until mid-March or late March. The good news is...

Pirate TV: Ubisoft is making a Skull and Bones series

While it may be late to the pirate party, Skull and Bones is going to haul more than treasure and fire more than cannons...
Yarr, cut out all carbs, got much lighter.

Pirate MMO Atlas makes things lighter with its most recent patch

The latest Atlas patch deployed on Saturday turned everything lighter. Yes, everything. Gold weighs less. Everything weighs less. Animals weigh less. Bears have less...

Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale is offering a discount on your first $30 in purchases

Sure why not let's do a Lunar New Year sale on Steam. Any excuse for a party! Valve and co. has done more than...
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Atlas plans to make the climb to the top less arduous for players

The development team behind Atlas is happy with the influence that hardcore players and large companies have upon the game. That's a core part of...
Caw! Polly is no longer the apex predator!

Atlas hackers strike again with the return of the dreaded air whale

It's raining whales! What the heck, it's now raining whales?! Hoist sails! That's the ancient sea shanty players of Atlas were learning to sing when...

Betawatch: Atlas addresses hacks and gets hacked

Screw you, hackers in Atlas! You don't get to ruin this game for people, according to the developers! They're working to fight you, and......

Atlas just rolled back the North American servers five hours after an admin account was ‘compromised’

In case you needed your daily reminder not to buy early access games that are still neck-deep in testing and problem children, here's your...

Atlas teases dev livestream and the guillotine, announces imminent devkit release

Avast, ahoy, and all that jazz, Atlas players: It's time for another entry of the Captain's Log, in which the folks at Studio Wildcard...

The Survivalist: Seven survival game features I want to see in 2019

A new year is all about new hopes, new goals, and -- hopefully -- new features and content. I am talking about games, of...

Grapeshot Games is working to combat Atlas hackers

It's been a bit of a rough start for Grapeshot Games's open-world survival MMO Atlas since it launched late last month, and it's clear...
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Betawatch: Anthem shows off a mission and a Javelin ahead of its demo

You still have to wait a little while longer to try out the Anthem beta, or "demo" if you will. But you can get some...