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Oh, awesome, camping!

Darkfall Unholy Wars adjusts its economic rebalance

At times, it seems like the entire history of Darkfall is one major adjustment after another. It hasn't been long since the game completely...

The Soapbox: These three MMOs deserve a do-over

Wouldn't it be cool if every MMORPG that failed to reach its potential were granted some sort of do-over? We've seen it happen once, with...
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 26: Failcom

Justin and Larry discuss WildStar's F2P, Funcom's troubles, Otherland's alpha, Darkfall's soft wipe, Neverwinter's strongholds, and the next iteration of Hellgate.

Darkfall rolls out unholy update with soft gear wipe, rare resources, and new inventory

Darkfall is reinventing its game. Again. In what it's calling the "economy expansion" patch, Darkfall has made heavy adjustments to how the game plays. "The...

The Daily Grind: Which classic MMO would you like to try running?

Hey guys! Did you hear about this Darkfall thing? If we all pool our allowances together, we could buy and run our very own...

Aventurine offers to license out classic Darkfall’s game code

The drama over the proposed Darkfall classic server continued this weekend. Aventurine CEO Zad Mehdawi removed his original post on the subject, saying that...

Aventurine ditches Darkfall classic server project

It's a dark day for those who were hoping to see a return to the classic era of Darkfall. A few weeks ago, player...
Darkly falling all over again.

An ‘official letter’ from Darkfall’s CEO is coming tomorrow

The latest Darkfall dev forum post is... well, I don't what it is other than an announcement about an announcement. Aventurine community manager Icy Wave says that...
THere's a big picture here that you may not be seeing.

The Daily Grind: Would you try a Darkfall reboot?

Yesterday's news regarding the possibility of a classic Darkfall server was pretty great. I loved Aventurine's 2010-era fantasy gankbox, and I'd resubscribe or even repurchase the client...
And now everything will be better forever!

Aventurine is exploring a Darkfall 1.0 reboot

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Aventurine developer axilmar caused a bit of a stir with an informal poll regarding Darkfall's pre-Unholy Wars...
Don't tell me we can't all fireball everyone!

The Daily Grind: What MMO do you wish had turned out differently?

Back in the day I was a big fan of Darkfall. I remember waiting an eternity for the game's 2009 launch, and then I...

Darkfall dev clarifies ‘personal’ pre-Unholy Wars poll

A Darkfall developer recently caused a bit of a stir by posting an informal poll on Reddit that asked whether or not fans would...

Dev polls community about bringing back original Darkfall Online

Are you unsatisfied with the way that Darkfall Online has progressed after transforming into Unholy Wars? There may be a window of opportunity to...

Leaderboard: Which style of MMO PvP do you prefer?

MMO PvP comes in a lot of different flavors, and while all of them involve sticking the pointy end into the other man to...

EVE Evolved: Four lessons sandbox MMOs can learn from EVE

The past few years have seen a resurgence of support for sandbox MMOs, both of the trying-to-be-minecraft creative kind and the hardcore nuke-it-from orbit...
This will work out all right. We're all right with the events unfolding at present.

There are lots of combat changes in Darkfall’s latest patch

Darkfall's latest set of patch notes details quite a few combat changes for the FFA PvP fantasy sandbox. Aventurine has tweaked player movement and...
While my definitions were legally accurate...

Darkfall makes ‘massive changes to combat,’ removes chaos banks

Well, Darkfall is blowing itself up again. Aventurine's latest update, titled Darkfall Reload, describes a patch that isn't quite as dramatic as the Unholy...

Darkfall’s next patch nerfs fast travel, tweaks mounts

Aventurine is teasing Darkfall's latest patch, which is currently scheduled for the "last week of February." A new clan perks system based on the...