Astellia Online’s newest patch adds the Tulie story with new zones, dungeons, and Astels

15It's time to explore a new story in Astellia Online with today's patch, which adds in the new Tulie Main Quests to...

Astellia’s Tulie update is coming on May 26

The next big content update for Astellia Online is just a couple of weeks away, although we don't know much about it. The...

Astellia Online patches in advanced class flexibility and new Atra tonics

If you've ever been slaughtering you way through things in Astellia Online as a Berserker and found yourself thinking "this just isn't me,"...

Astellia Online is no longer run by Barunsun E&A, which might explain its new blockchain promotion

This weekend, we thought to take a peek in to Astellia Online to see if there's been anything happening recently, and as it...
The shine is off.

Astellia Online merges its European servers, begins event to boost duos and trios

Ah damn, don't like writing these posts: Astellia Online has admitted it's merging down its EU servers, specifically Aquarius and Canceria. On...

Astellia Online’s upcoming event celebrates the coming of spring

Guess what? Spring is coming, and we are still in the grace period when cheeky references to some other season approaching are present in the...

Battle Bards Episode 162: Mystery abounds

Do you love a good mystery? A hidden secret? A riddle wrapped in an enigma and presented on a platter of puzzle? Then you’re...

Global Chat: How fares WoW Classic at the six-month mark?

The phases (i.e., patches) for World of Warcraft Classic continue to roll out, and as the endgame takes form and Darkmoon Faire arrives,...
Wheedle deedle

Astellia Online patches in a quest merge and a difficulty adjustment that wasn’t meant to be in-game yet

Sometimes you just get stuff you weren't expecting. An extra McNugget in your McOrder from McDonald's. An extra few LEGO-brand construction bricks in your...
Wow, positive.

Perfect Ten: MMOs I’m optimistic about in 2020

I didn't actually plan to make this an annual feature or anything; I thought of it last year as a fun list, and then...
Big time.

Astellia Online seems to be getting positive buzz following its Steam launch

So Astellia Online had a bit of a problem to start its Steam launch with its buy-in being classified as a non-refundable...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 258: Camelot Unchained and Colossus

Justin and Bree discuss Camelot Unchained and Colossus, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2, Astellia Online, and Warcraft III Reforged, with adventures in Neverwinter, The Sims 4, and SWGL, and a mailbag entry on New World.
It's not quite so much of a model after all.

The Daily Grind: Have you ever gotten a refund for an MMORPG?

As I type this, the discussion thread on the Camelot Unchained piece from Friday is nearing 400 comments, a hefty proportion of which...

Astellia Online is working on a fix for the Steam DLC configuration that’s making refunds impossible

If you tried to pick up Astellia Online on Steam yesterday for its launch, you like noticed a few things. First, Steam was...

Interview: Barunson on the state of Astellia Online as it launches on Steam today

Astellia Online was big news throughout 2019, as Barunson sought to bring the South Korean MMORPG westward but with careful attention paid to...

Astellia Online plans January 30 Steam launch, teases future western content as Korean version sunsets

Raise your hand if you'd forgotten that Astellia Online wasn't already on Steam. I sure had! But Barunson is rectifying that later...
No, this one... this one's certain.

Perfect Ten: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures at the start of 2020

This annual column always inspires a certain amount of debate, which is intentional. Outside of the office, a good chunk of that...

Astellia Online update brings legendary dungeons and spidery events

If you're not diving into World of Warcraft's new update today, Astellia Online would like to present its alternative content drop...

Hope rising: Astellia Online is hiring more community managers

We have been understandably nervous about Astellia Online following December's news that the game's South Korean version was shutting down. That sort...

The best Massively OP streams of 2019

Massively OP's Stream Team - with MJ and her sidekicks Larry and Chris at the helm - changed up its streaming tactics this...