The Daily Grind: Which MMO offering is filling your summer hours?

We're only now in the middle of July, but so far it feels as though summer 2019 has been a non-stop rollercoaster of great...

Global Chat: Sucked into Shadowbringers

It's hard to deny the fact that this July, half of the online gaming population seems to be immersed into FFXIV's Shadowbringers expansion....

Astellia invites you to enter the Colosseum in its latest trailer and heads for its next closed beta

Often in action combat MMOs, the story or world built around it is secondary -- arguably tertiary -- to the feeling of getting in...
Cool, fine.

First impressions: Astellia is acceptable – not astonishing, but certainly not atrocious

There was a certain something that remotely intrigued me about Astellia Online before we reached the closed beta phase, so like any sensible...

The Stream Team: A first look at Astellia’s closed beta

Astellia devs have issued a challenge: "CBT players will be working to break the server." There's no way Massively OP's MJ could pass...
Everyone remembers where we parked, right?

Astellia’s first closed beta has officially begun today – here’s the trailer

As promised, Astellia Online's initial closed beta test has begun as of this morning. "Closed beta testers will be providing the studio with invaluable...

Grab a key for next week’s Astellia Online closed beta 1 courtesy of Barunson and MOP

As we noted yesterday, Astellia Online is preparing to launch its first closed beta here in the west next week, beginning on...

Astellia previews plans for next week’s closed beta, preloading begins tomorrow

With Astellia's first western closed beta coming up on us next week - on Tuesday, in fact - Barunson has posted...
Beta fish.

Interview: Astellia’s westernization covers everything from monetization and VO to dodging and grouping

It seems as if every time we write about incoming MMORPG Astellia, confusion over its guiding principles dominates the ensuing discussion. One of...
Hello, art discussion prompt.

Astellia addresses community concerns over pre-order items and game balance

The reveals of founder packs and the commencement of pre-orders for Astellia means that we're back in the familiar dance of figuring out the...
Bless this hot mess.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 222: A good EVEning to be invaded

Brendan joins Justin and Bree for a sponsored segment on EVE Online's upcoming expansion and Fanfest world tour, plus news from FFXIV, Dauntless, Astellia, Black Desert, and DCUO, with mailbag topics on Old School RuneScape and MMO cinematic trailers.

MMORPG Astellia launches preorders, plans June closed beta, and rejects gender-locking

Upcoming MMORPG Astellia pumped out a ton of information with the launch of its new website and preorders for the game last night....

Astellia’s gear can level up with you – or de-level if you are a failure

Astellia may just boast one of the smallest gear setups in any modern MMO with just five slots, but don't let that deceive...

Exclusive: MMORPG Astellia Online deep-dives its Warrior and Scholar classes

Korean-born Astellia has been hovering on the horizon for the last few years of its development as Barunson E&A - the majority...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: TERA Origin, Astaria, NosTale, and Veloren

Welcome back to another brief roundup of MMOs and other online games you’ve (probably) never heard of! Let's kick off our roundup with something for...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Astellia’s soundtrack

One of the more promising MMORPG imports that should be arriving in the west this year is Astellia, and we here at Massively...

Interview: Astellia deep-dives its dungeon systems and Western tweaks

Incoming buy-to-play MMORPG Astellia has been a whirlwind in 2019 as Nexon and Barunson EA have prepared the game for release in the...

Astellia provides a general rundown of its crafting system

It might not burn many barns, but Astellia will indeed have crafting, something the devs feel is an important part of the overall...

Astellia shows off its character creation options

The art of character creation in any MMORPG is often a game in and of itself, depending on how many options one is granted....

Exclusive: Upcoming MMORPG Astellia Online deep-dives its skill systems

We've been keeping an eye on Korean-born Astellia for several years now as the full-scale MMORPG has trekked through development. As revealed...