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Blizzard’s sexism scandal continues, 2500 devs sign letter condemning Acti-Blizz response

It's now been a week since California filed a brutal discrimination and harassment lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard following a two-year investigation. Last week and over...

The Hearthstone leads Blizz lost last year just scooped up the Marvel IP with their new studio

Blizzard had a rough year losing key figures at the company last year - heck, this week it lost its CFO to Square Inc....

Hearthstone’s new puzzle labs is coming next week as its production director departs

Just because Hearthstone's Boomsday Project expansion is out and about doesn't mean that the dev team is done with its crazy experiments. In fact, next...

Former SWTOR creative lead James Ohlen departs BioWare, former Hearthstone boss Ben Brode announces new company

Some industry news this morning: James Ohlen announced that he's retiring from BioWare after more than two decades at the company. MMORPG fans will...

Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode departs from Blizzard to form new game studio

Without a doubt, one of the most vivacious and well-loved personalities at Blizzard Entertainment has been Ben Brode. The Hearthstone game director injected a...
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BlizzCon 2017: Hearthstone announces Kobolds and Catacombs expansion with single-player dungeon run

On one of the best BlizzCon stages to date, Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode stole the crowd's collective candle with an announcement of the...
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Hearthstone’s game director fields questions about the expansion, ladder experimentation, and new heroes

With Knights of the Frozen Throne coming to Hearthstone next month, excitement is reaching a fever pitch for this already-popular card title. Game Director...

Hearthstone dev performs an epic Un’Goro rap

Consider this your weekly public service announcement to remind you that game developers are people too -- weird, strange, and totally geeky people. As...

Hearthstone senior game designer addresses player ‘restlessness’

Have you ever become frustrated with a studio for its lack of communication and the perception that the developers are goofing off instead of...

Hearthstone dev tackles the issue of card consistency

Being able to clearly understand what a card does and how it can be used is the subject of a new designer insights video...
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Hearthstone’s senior game designer discusses the dark side of new content

Hearthstone is a pretty successful game with four expansions under its belt, yet every single expansion has an interesting danger hanging over its head....