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It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of of theoretical games.

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The Black Death update adds Kings and Queens, squashes bugs

Grim medieval survival sandbox The Black Death has released a new update that brings with it a number of bug fixes as well as...

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Black Death has four disgusting states of infection

First of all, we hope you weren't planning on eating for the rest of today. No? Good. Black Death, the upcoming survival sandbox centered...

Black Death pushes back its early release

Hope you weren't expecting to contract the virtual bubonic plague any time soon. The grim medieval survival game The Black Death announced yesterday that...

Survival sandbox The Black Death introduces the peasant’s bleak path

Green Man Loaded's upcoming medieval-themed survival sandbox (plus zombies) The Black Death is on a video roll this week; on offer today is a...

The Black Death survival sandbox seeks testers, posts fresh trailer

Introduced back in January, The Black Death is a survival sandbox in which players are medieval commoners struggling to make it during a nasty...

The Black Death takes survival games to a grim era

Survival games aren't always the cheeriest of places (after all, you have to have something to survive against), but a new game might make...