black lives matter

Bungie casts a spotlight on the Black at Bungie Inclusion Club and its efforts to uplift Black devs and BLM

Racial equality is still a vital topic and an important fight in a wide variety of sectors, including game dev. It's why Bungie helped...

Fortnite is hosting the We the People panel on race in America for the Fourth of July

Fortnite is a dance floor, a murder simulator, a concert hall, a movie theater, and now, a home for serious discussion: Epic Games is...

Fortnite silently removes police cars from its world

In a recent update, the battle royale island of Fortnite saw an unannounced change to the game: the removal of police cars. Not only...

J. Allen Brack says Blizzard will combat racism through donations, bans, and education

Nobody's ever going to hold Blizzard up as a paragon of virtue, but President J. Allen Brack said that the studio is trying to...
This is what we were really missing.

Blizzard and Bethsoft donate for racial justice, Riot parts ways with troubling exec, and Raph Koster writes a song

We've got a few more gaming-related Black Lives Matter stories to share this morning. Riot Games: First up, yesterday we reported that Riot Games was...
Less than punchy.

Riot Games places exec on leave while investigating awful social media post

Nobody's surprised to learn that the corporate culture at the tippy-top of Riot Games still has "bad apples," right? After the huge sexual harassment...

The Soapbox: Yes, here

This guest Soapbox was commissioned through MassivelyOP's original Kickstarter back in 2015; the writer has chosen to remain anonymous. The opinions in guest Soapboxes...
That's Trek for you.

Star Trek Online promises Romulan boosting while fan podcast calls for a boycott of the game in support of Black Lives Matter

The developers behind Star Trek Online are letting players boost up a Romulan. A new level boost pack coming soon allows you to start...

EA Sports beefs up efforts against toxic chat in-game, PS5 confirms its new reveal event date

The continued effort by gaming companies to clear their chat of hate has another large contributor: EA Sports. In a statement posted to Twitter, the...

SMITE suspends 5,000 accounts due to racist chat

The chat box of an MMO was never meant to be a safe haven for racists, but with the protests across the US calling...

EA Play Live and Steam’s Summer Game Festival are being delayed

We are at that weird point in our insane timeline where Electronic Arts ends up looking like the good guy and Valve doesn't. EA announced...

Elder Scrolls Online moves Greymoor’s console release out of the way of George Floyd’s funeral

The widespread outrage and protests against police brutality over the past week and a half have trickled their way down into many facets of...

Warframe developer makes a donation to Black Lives Matter, promises ‘zero-tolerance chat policies’

We've previously covered the growing movement by games companies and publishers to reschedule or temporarily halt gaming events and livestreams, including the halting of...

Old School RuneScape’s vampire patch triggers a rollback, Jagex supports Black Lives Matter

Here's the good news for Old School RuneScape fans: The 2007-era MMO just unleashed its Darkmeyer update on the world, which "introduces the Sins...

Gaming events and patches are delayed, games taken offline to support Black Lives Matter protests

The PC Gaming Show that was scheduled for Saturday has been postponed a week, PC Gamer announced last night. It'll run June 13th instead,...

Gaming companies from Blizzard to Daybreak stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Update: We've been updating the end of this piece with all the online gaming studio statements we can find this week. Sony has apparently decided...

CNN alleges that Russia used Pokemon Go to try to spread dissent in the USA

It always gets a bit bumpy when politics, international intrigue, and video games collide, so hold on for this one. According to CNN, Russia's Internet...