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Blade & Soul gives players a look at the upcoming Warden class and Shadowmoor heroic dungeon

Blade & Soul players, have you ever looked at a sword and thought, "That's great and all, but it just looks far too...
Play it cool, boy, real cool.

Blade & Soul launches a frozen event dungeon to keep you cool for the summer

If you want to stay cool in Blade and Soul for the summer, you're going to have to get cool. The summer event...
The dawning of Right Now.

Blade & Soul offers the notes for the Celestial Dawn patch on June 20

It's almost the dawning of the age of... celestiality? You know, there's probably a reason why Blade & Soul didn't make that joke...
Perhaps start by wearing some.

Blade & Soul shows off enhancing your gear with its new Augment system

Legendary accessories in Blade & Soul are the sort of things that you know you can wear for a very long time without...
Can I play this?

Blade & Soul is tweaking dungeon rewards to prefer newer dungeons

Stop just doing the old, familiar dungeons of Blade & Soul. Do the new ones instead. Even if you'd rather not for whatever...

Blade & Soul’s Fire and Blood patch brings a new raid and skill rebalancing

Ready to kick off some new raiding adventures in Blade & Soul? The newest patch, Fire and Blood, adds the 12-person raid...
Well, crap.

Blade & Soul previews its anniversary update and tailor shop in new videos

Video previews of patches are like a chance to try before you buy. Except that you aren't really trying so much as you're watching...

Blade & Soul improves items with its anniversary update

The anniversary update for Blade & Soul brings with it, well, an anniversary event. But it also brings a number of other...
Hooray, we still exist!

Blade & Soul celebrates its second anniversary with a new costume

Congratulations are in order for Blade & Soul as it celebrates its second year of operation, and as is most often the case...

Check out footage of Blade & Soul’s Maestro in action

If you were hoping for some reason that the Maestro in Blade & Soul would be all about conducting a stirring symphony, that's...
Pants remain elusive technology.

Blade & Soul’s Midnight Skypetal Plains arrives November 16

There have been no shortage of big updates for Blade & Soul, and the newest update is delivering a big update for big...
Tower of things.

Blade & Soul introduces Ebondrake Citadel and the Tower of Memory

It's the most wonderful day of the week for fans of Blade & Soul because it's patch day. Not only does this...
Well, at least she's clearly a child...

Master X Master highlights Poharan and Kromede

There's more to Master X Master than just bringing in characters from several NCsoft games under the same roof, but that is...
All of the ladies in this game seem to have an actual class of Clothing Avoider.

Blade & Soul’s Soul Fighter update is live today

The Soul Fighter does not actually fight souls in Blade & Soul. No more than any other class, anyhow. It mostly fights with...
Fight that soul.

Blade & Soul shows off the new Soul Fighter class

At long last, players of Blade & Soul will be able to properly fight souls with the new Soul Fighter class. It's a...
Yes, this is a thing.

Blade & Soul introduces pets with its next major update

Do you want a cute pet to follow you around in Blade & Soul? Good news, then, because you can have exactly that...
Well, crap.

NCsoft’s first quarter financials show Blade & Soul is booming, WildStar is tumbling

There are good pieces of news from NCsoft's first quarter financial report. For one thing, the company's year-on-year sales, profits, and net income...
Wish you could actually consider being here.

Blade & Soul’s next event is all about random prizes for purchase

Spring is here, and Blade & Soul is celebrating with a new set of expensive treasures for players. From April 13th, players...
I'm a big helper.

Blade & Soul’s Silverfrost Mountains patch brings new areas, new dungeons, and a new level cap today

Here's hoping you didn't get too comfortable at the level cap for Blade & Soul because it's going up. Today, even! The...
Happy first patch to you, game.

Blade & Soul’s first major patch arrives on February 10th

The great part about games that were localized after being out in their native country for some time is that there's no dearth of...