bless mess

Bless Online turns its attention to proper localization, hires new temporary support staff

For all its early access faults, Bless Online's seemingly endless stream of producer updates and apologies ought to at least help assuage some of...

Bless Online goes on an all-out offensive with its upcoming 140-player battle

Pushing back against poor reviews and mass refunds, Bless Online has grand plans to turn public perception of the game around with big ol'...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 173: The Bless Mess

Justin and Bree discuss Bless Online's launch, EVE Online's Into the Abyss, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Online's spyware issue, Path of Exile's Incursion, H1Z1, Star Trek Online, Trove, DDO, and UO, with mailbag questions on the Bless Mess and on open-world immersion.

Bless Online buffs Rangers, nerfs Guardians and Mages, and plans targeting changes

Neowiz is moving fast to patch away some of the doom from Bless Online after its messy early access soft launch last week. The...

Bless Online apologizes for poor game balance while players find novel ways to break the game

Is there any possible redemption for Bless Online? This disastrous soft launch has many players throwing up their hands and demanding refunds (not to...

Grab Guild Wars 2’s expansions for 30% off this week – Bless refugees, they’re talkin’ to you

You might think that it's a little weird to assume folks who bought Bless and refunded it have never tried Guild Wars 2, but...
This is going to be a running theme, isn't it.

Bless Online patches in a new battlefield while weakening attacks and buffing defense

Players of Bless Online seem to be a little upset due to the whole lack of PvP at the top level. It's only one...

Bless Online Steam reviews climb to ‘mixed’, Neowiz addresses duping bug but doesn’t ban anyone

It doesn't appear that the second wave of Bless Online sales that began yesterday for the game's early access launch will top the peak...

Bless Online producer apologizes for early access mess, promises content and dupe fixes are on the way

It's safe to say that Bless Online's early access soft launch is not going to plan. As we've been reporting, the Neowiz MMORPG has...

Bless Online players riot and request refunds over missing endgame PvP, cash shop shenanigans, and duping as Steam reviews plummet

If you thought the Bless Online community was in meltdown after two days of early access headaches, wait until you see the reaction to...

Bless Online struggles with downtime on its first day, offers refunds and plans for the future

If you thought that everything was going to go great for Bless Online's headstart yesterday, what with the lack of preloading and everyone trying...

The headstart for Bless Online’s early access open beta begins… now

I gotta be honest: I wasn't entirely convinced this day would ever come. I'm referring to Bless Online's de facto launch, of course. That's...

Bless Online posts Q&A on pre-loading, regions, and how long founder packs stay up

If you grimace at the idea of getting important game news on Facebook but you still want to know what's up with Bless Online,...

Bless Online’s monthly subscription puts some countries at a financial disadvantage

The controversial business model of the upcoming Bless Online continues to perplex and disturb potential players. Neowiz posted a list of nine items that...

Bless outlines its new box price and sub plan, which it does not want you to call a sub

Bless Online's media event and pricing reveal last week may not have gone entirely to plan. You'll recall that Neowiz announced at the time...

Hands-on with Bless Reborn at Neowiz’s San Francisco media reveal

As you probably have heard, there was a Bless influencer event this week, with a couple of media and a smattering of MMO streamers...

Bless fansite leaks founder pack info and partial subscription plan ahead of today’s stream, and people aren’t happy

This story has been heavily updated post-stream - keep on scrollin'! An apparent leak on a Bless fansite - which was hastily scrubbed but nevertheless...