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Overwatch brings back Halloween today but cancels the Nintendo Switch launch event

For those who have not joined in the Blizzard boycott and are still playing Overwatch, the next few hours are going to be mighty...

Blizzard solves its ‘one company, two policies’ problem by hiding pro players and canceling an event

While many gamers are now looking ahead to BlizzCon for its reveals after the Hearthstone Hong Kong esports fiasco, I'm far more curious about...

Not So Massively: The Blizzard I loved is dead

This week's Not So Massively column was supposed to be a wishlist of things I want from an announcement of Diablo IV. When I...
Gotta go back in time.

BlizzCon protests begin to officially organize in response to the Hong Kong controversy

In news that will come as no surprise to anyone, word has surfaced of an organized protest scheduled for the first day of BlizzCon....
great googly moogly

Blizzard finally addresses Hong Kong esports fiasco, reducing bans and reinstating prize money

All week, we've been covering the absolute chaos surrounding the punishment of pro Hearthstone esports player Ng “blitzchung” Wai Chung, whom Blizzard banned along...

League of Legends tells casters and pro players to avoid ‘sensitive issues’ at the World Champs

So Riot's not having a good week with the whole China thing either. While the League of Legends studio was able to successfully fend off...
So what WILL you take?

Blizzard dev says there’s no internal comms over Hong Kong fiasco: ‘It’s pulling our teams apart at the seams’

Blizzard has yet to publicly respond to the widespread outrage over its decision to ban professional Hearthstone player Blitzchung following his statement of support for...

Mark Kern didn’t just quit WoW Classic: He accused his old Firefall studio of Chinese corruption

Earlier this week, we reported that former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern had very publicly posted that he was quitting WoW over...

Blizzard won’t punish the US college Hearthstone players who protested in support of Blitzchung – so they quit

On Wednesday, we reported that a Hearthstone collegiate team from American University in Washington, D.C., had staged a brief protest in support of Hong...

Analysts fret over Blizzard’s prospects following wildly unpopular ban of Hong Kong Hearthstone esports star

Anger over the "international incident" sparked by Blizzard's ban of a Hong Kong Hearthstone pro player and apparent firing of two Taiwanese commentators over...

Global Chat: The Hearthstone Hong Kongstraversy

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the controversy swirling about Blizzard's heavy-handed censorship of a Hearthstone professional gamer and his statements on...
Binding, binding.

WoW Factor: The shabby ethics of Blizzard’s ‘Hong Kong liberation’ ban

Hooo boy, this was not an article I really expected to write this week. So, by now everyone's surely seen the news that Blizzard banned...
Hello, I am still the villain.

Players, pros, and politicians join in protest over Blizzard’s censorship of Hong Kong Hearthstone pro

The furor over Blizzard's ban of a Hong Kong Hearthstone pro player and apparent firing of two Taiwanese commentators has only increased since its...

Blizzard bans Hearthstone esports player and fires casters over pro-Hong Kong protest

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the current Chinese political mess spilled over into gaming, but it's done so now:...