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Major gaming studio, responsible for World of Warcraft and the Warcraft franchise, Diablo III and the Diablo franchise, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

Activision-Blizzard’s TV and movie studio taps creative lead

Back in November, Activision-Blizzard announced it was launching a TV and movie studio to build out its franchises. Former Disney exec Nick...

Global Chat: Making gaming resolutions

Do you make New Year's resolutions for gaming? I do and I've seen more than a few bloggers come out in early January to...

Battle Bards Episode 66: The best of MOBA music

This week on the Battle Bards podcast, the crew branches out from the familiar territory of MMO soundtracks and into the wild, untamed regions...

WoW celebrates Diablo III’s latest patch with Demon Hunter tmog gear

In honor of Diablo III's latest patch, Blizzard has something special in store... for World of Warcraft players who also play Diablo...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 46: The high price of VR

Justin and Bree discuss the Oculus Rift's pricetag, Marvel Heroes' David Brevik, Divergence Online, Smed on emus, and TUG, with mailbag questions on tstories, MOBAs, and skill trees.

Heroes of the Storm is adding Genn Greymane to its lineup today

It feels like it's been forever since Heroes of the Storm announced the addition of Gilnean ruler Genn Greymane to its roster, but...
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The Daily Grind: Are you a one-MMO gamer?

A year ago, Kotaku published a piece called The People Who Only Play One Game. The author was talking about the rabid, cult followings that...
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The Daily Grind: Do you use Steam for MMOs?

Massively OP reader Damonvile recently sent us a link to a Medium piece on Steam declaring 2015 the best year for Steam --...

Check out what World of Warcraft looked like 17 years ago

In 1999, the year that EverQuest released, work was already underway for another fantasy MMO called World of Warcraft. It wasn't until...

Massively OP’s guide to choosing an online ARPG

Bored of MMOs, despondent about the industry, or simply looking for something a little different? Turning to something similar to MMOs, yet offering a new...

The Daily Grind: What is your favorite MMO mount?

Mounts might have once been a practical mode of transportation and a not-so-transparent speed buff for slow-moving MMO characters. Nowadays it's more about personal...

Diablo III previews Patch 2.4.0

It's a good time to be a Diablo III player, particularly now that Blizzard is on the verge of releasing the much-anticipated...

The Daily Grind: Which old MMORPG deserves more love?

Last week, MMO designer Raph Koster made a Twitter comment that's stuck in my mind: Hell yes it has. It's getting mainstream and indie...

Massively Overthinking: Let’s play with the Gamer Motivation Model

Over the winter holidays, we wrote about game analytics consulting firm Quantic Foundry, which has published what it calls its "Gamer Motivation...
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Perfect Ten: Our favorite MMORPG articles from 2015

The first year of Massively Overpowered had its ups and downs, like anything does, but I think we had some pretty great content in...

Jukebox Heroes: Six MMO soundtracks that need to be in your collection

Lately, a friend was asking me where he should start with collecting MMO soundtracks. "Pretty much anywhere and everywhere" was my initial reaction, although...
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World of Warcraft’s Legion testing will return with a new build and new content

There's still no word on exactly when the test servers for World of Warcraft: Legion will come back online following the...

Blizzard’s copyright lawsuit against Chinese game-maker is dismissed

Today's big news is that you can copy as many characters from World of Warcraft as you want without any legal penalties whatsoever....
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Check out legendary Hearthstone cards with their inspirations from World of Warcraft

It's no secret that Hearthstone takes its inspiration from World of Warcraft. The former is meant to be inspired by the latter....

Subdivision names its streets after World of Warcraft

How would you World of Warcraft fans like to live on Ashenvale Way in real life? What about moving into a house on...