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You can kill people with trees in Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios' new Worlds Adrift title already seemed rather ambitious. With a recent dev blog, though, the studio admitted to the lofty goal of...

Worlds Adrift gets a full gameplay trailer

Last Friday, Bossa Studios teased a trailer for its new Worlds Adrift trailer. Today, we got a look at the real deal, which turns...

Worlds Adrift gets a trailer for a trailer

Bossa Studios has released a new trailer for sandbox-with-airships title Worlds Adrift. It's really short, because it's in fact a trailer for the full...
I get so emotional, baby.

Worlds Adrift shows some real emotion

The developers behind Worlds Adrift want the game to have a lot of customization options, but that doesn't mean much if the characters aren't...

Worlds Adrift team shows off gliders, cameras, and more

Bossa Studios has published a new Worlds Adrift video focused on some additional gameplay features cooked up during a recent jam session. The new stuff...
First reference to the Firefly theme and we lose patience.

Worlds Adrift details the design of a steering wheel

Part of the very premise behind Worlds Adrift is exploring the great big sky on an airship. Sure, we've seen how you can design...
Worlds Adrift

Here’s how you build your airship in Worlds Adrift

If you're curious about building your own airship in indie sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift, look no further than the latest dev blog. You'll need...

Worlds Adrift procedurally generates ‘amazing’ islands

Just because Worlds Adrift's islands will be procedurally generated doesn't mean that they will be dull and featureless. On the contrary, a new dev...
Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift dev blog shows early character designs

Want to get a glimpse behind the curtain of character design and development in the MMO industry? The latest Worlds Adrift dev blog may...
Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift explains why it can’t disable PvP

Worlds Adrift has updated its website with a new design-focused blog that sheds quite a bit of light on how the game will play....

Worlds Adrift will let you be a nomad of the skies

Imagine that you're a nomad of the skies, constructing and sailing your airship to nearby floating islands in search of rare crafting materials. Imagine...