Twitch confirms huge security breach, says credit card and login credentials are safe

Yesterday, we covered claims that a hacker had yoinked 125GB of data from Twitch and dumped it into the wild, where it was leaked...

Twitch suffers massive data breach as a hacker gets away with source code and streamer payout details

Twitch is having a very bad day today as a hacker has managed to hack and release 125GB worth of data, which has since...

Albion Online’s forum database was breached, exposing user passwords and emails

If you're a user of the Albion Online forums in any capacity, then you're going to want to take heed of an alert shared...

The ESA’s 2019 E3 journalist database breach wasn’t at all a one-time thing

Last weekend, we learned that the Electronic Software Association, the US's biggest video game lobby backed by some of the biggest companies in the...

Breach rolls out the Shadow Master class to early access players

Breach has had a rough go at early access since its rollout in January. The asymmetric co-op action dungeon crawler appeara to be struggling...

Betawatch: The Elder Scrolls Blades gets a closed beta before early access

It always seemed like things along the way to launch could head down the route of early access or beta testing. But no, it seems The...

Breach hands out free keys to existing players to give to friends

Depending on who you talk to, the folks behind Breach are either feeling extremely generous, are nearing a full free-to-play launch, or are trying...

Patch 0.1 brings a new map and new class to Breach

In what's being described as the online shooter's first major monthly patch of its early access, Breach's latest update is introducing a variety of...

Action-combat co-op RPG Breach is now available on the En Masse Launcher

Last month, action-combat dungeon-crawler Breach hit Early Access on Steam, where it has received an admittedly lukewarm reception. Nevertheless, developer QC Games has just...

Breach warms up to the Pyromancer in new trailer

Random thought, but why don't we ever see elemental magic users in RPGs flinging about safety foam, lawn clippings, or sand that could totally...

Betawatch: Atlas addresses hacks and gets hacked

Screw you, hackers in Atlas! You don't get to ruin this game for people, according to the developers! They're working to fight you, and......

Breach hits early access with a blend of action combat and MMO dungeon crawling

Snowbound or bored this weekend and looking for something new to do? Breach arrived on Steam early access yesterday, bringing with it an interesting...

Modern-fantasy dungeon-crawler Breach enters early access tomorrow

After spending the last few months in alpha testing, multiplayer dungeon-crawler Breach is almost ready to make the leap to early access, allowing players...

Breach’s demonic Worldshaper class is a fungi at any party

With early access coming next week, Breach is generating a decent amount of buzz for this co-op dungeon brawler. It won't be a game strictly...

Co-op ARPG Breach hits early access January 17, with packages live now

Co-op ARPG Breach was meant to hit early access before the end of 2018, and as it turns out, it'll be only a few...

Town of Salem suffers database breach, compromising user data

The developers of indie deceit-and-deduction game Town of Salem received an unwelcome surprise upon returning from their holiday vacations, when they were informed that...

Mythology and modernity collide in upcoming action-RPG Breach

In the world of QC Games's upcoming action-RPG Breach, there are two Earths: the one we know and love, and the mythological Earth, where...

Boob-addled MMORTS Evony was hacked, compromising up to 33M accounts

We're all sure you never played Evony, the bland, top-down MMORTS once notorious for its bizarrely sexualized ads ("Start your journey now, my lord!"...
but appreciate the scenery too

Path of Exile: Breach is launching today – right now, actually

Going live today -- right as this post is published, in fact, if all goes well -- is the latest content addition to MMOARPG...

Enter the Breach in Path of Exiles’ next league, launching December 2

If you've ever wanted to call out "Once more unto the Breach!" as a battle cry, Path of Exile offers you just that chance...