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Studio: Amazon Game Studios

Gamescom 2017: Amazon’s Breakaway trailer and alpha signups

Update: Amazon has apparently removed the trailer following intense criticism. Breakaway has a fresh new trailer out for Gamescom today, along with a run-down of...
On second thought, nah.

Breakaway shows off its competitive side in a new trailer

Why will you be playing Breakaway? The latest trailer for the game is all about how you'll be playing the game to win and...

John Smedley talks about the game industry but is mum about his studio’s project

It has now been seven months since John Smedley shut down Pixelmage Games and took his team over to Amazon Game Studios to set...

The MOP Up: Skyforge investigates the Cradle of the World (July 30, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Amazon’s Breakaway stages an e-sports match on a military ship at sea

As the field of MOBAs and competitive e-sports titles becomes increasingly crowded, studios are turning to more... unorthodox methods to attract viewers and attention....

Amazon’s Breakaway revamps warriors, confirms more upgrades on the way

Last September, the internet was buzzing about Amazon Game Studios' big reveals, including Breakaway, which the company teased for weeks ahead of time. It...

Amazon Game Studios changes Breakaway following alpha feedback, adds shadow huntress Jarra

Cast your mind back to Christmas carols and unfortunate egg nog binges of late 2016, and you might recall that Amazon Games Studios was...

Crucible gets Westwood co-founder as its new boss

Hands up: Any Massively OP readers play the crap out of Command & Conquer back in the day? In the '90s, Westwood Studios was...
On second thought, nah.

Amazon Game Studios hosts Breakaway alpha weekend

The curtains have parted on the first of Amazon Game Studios' upcoming titles, as Breakaway has launched its first public alpha test this weekend. From...
Hello again.

So one of Amazon’s new games is an MMORPG sandbox, and it’s called New World

Those ex-ArenaNet folks won't be going to waste at Amazon Game Studios after all: One of the three games the company is working on...

Twitter teasers suggest Amazon’s Breakaway probably isn’t what we’re hoping it is

If you're still hungering for savory facts about Breakaway, Amazon Game Studios' soon-to-be-revealed game that's scooped up so many MMORPG developers in Seattle, welp, that dinner...

Amazon Game Studios’ Breakaway might be a Norse-themed game

The clock is ticking down to September 29th, a date that will witness the reveal of at least one major project that Amazon Game...