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It's one of the more peculiar laws of the universe that when enough EVE Online players meet in the real world, they absolutely must swap...

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for your guildmates

"Hi, my name is Tina and I have very real, very cool internet friends that I met in online games." Say that sentence to...

Massively Opinionated: Which is the best open-world PvP, WvW or FFA?

It's a real battle to the death when Larry Everett invites Tina Lauro and Brendan Drain to debate WvW and FFA PvP.

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In this episode, Larry, Jason, and Brendan debate shocking moments in MMO history -- and the games that should never have been made at all.

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In this episode, Larry, Brendan, and Tina debate next-gen MMOs, unfinished games, and MMO buzzwords.

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In this episode, Larry, Cosmic Engine, Brendan, and Redna debate MMORPG community platforms, guilds, and building strong communities.

EVE Evolved: Exploring EVE’s ‘new opportunities’

This week saw the first concrete reveal of EVE Online's potentially revolutionary new Opportunities system, which promises to replace the current tutorial...