broken ranks

Broken Ranks players have died 6.3M times since its launch one year ago

Believe it or not, Polish studio Whitemoon Games launched Broken Ranks a year ago tomorrow, and the devs are celebrating in a recap post...

Broken Ranks adds a water dragon fight, PvP toggles, and a holiday event

What do you get when you combine a high-level water dragon boss, a revamp to PvP, and a Christmas event? You get the patch...

Broken Ranks gears up for a 30-hour Halloween event

For most MMOs, Halloween events tend to stretch almost for a full month. Of course, Broken Ranks is not "most MMOs" in pretty much...

Isometric MMO Broken Ranks adds an ice dragon fight and a PvP arena in latest patch

Remember Broken Ranks? It's an isometric turn-based MMO from Polish developer Whitemoon Games we first started covering in May 2021. The game is effectively...

Broken Ranks works on mobile edition, delays some features to revamp PvP and PvE balance

Only those with the longest and most attentive of minds will recall that Broken Ranks launched back in January this year -- and enjoyed...

Isometric MMO Broken Ranks lays out content roadmap, raises funds for Ukrainian relief

We haven't touched base with Broken Ranks, that turn-based MMO which caught an awful lot of attention, since its somewhat chaotic launch in late...

Broken Ranks officially launches, servers almost immediately melt down due to demand

Yesterday was a very busy one for Whitemoon Games, by all accounts. The Polish studio launched its turn-based tactical MMO Broken Ranks yesterday and...

Broken Ranks outlines monetization model ahead of January 25 launch

Now that we know the turn-based tactical MMO Broken Ranks is headed for a January 25th launch, one question can often spring to potential...

Turn-based MMO Broken Ranks trumpets a January 25 launch date

It's turn-based. It's isometric. It's got those old school Baldur's Gate vibes. And it's coming to your computer very, very soon. Whitemoon Games announced a...

Turn-based 2.5-D MMORPG Broken Ranks eyes a release window of January 2022, promises to avoid P2W

Back in May of this year we reported on Broken Ranks, a remake of Polish developer Whitemoon's long-running MMORPG The Pride of Taern with...

Betawatch: Magic Legends gets discarded

The past few weeks we've usually wound up slipping into more depressing beta news toward the end, but this time it's just going front...

Isometric turn-based MMORPG Broken Ranks enters a limited-time PC open beta this weekend

Back in the beginning of May, we caught wind of a unique-looking MMORPG by the name of Broken Ranks, a remake of Polish developer...

Broken Ranks is an isometric MMORPG with 2-D turn-based combat seeking closed beta testers

Part isometric RPG, part 2-D JRPG, and apparently part MMORPG. These are the best ways one can describe Broken Ranks, an in-development free-to-play MMORPG...