Important studio known to MMO players chiefly for Destiny.

Destiny: The Taken King breaks PlayStation records

If you had any doubt that Destiny is a huge force in the online world right now, Activision's announcement that the game is smashing...

Destiny launches The Taken King

If there's a rash of unexplained office and school absences today, it might be the fault of Destiny: The Taken King. The massive update...

Not So Massively: Destiny loses court case; MOBAs try new toxic chat punishments

Destiny's ex-composer Martin O'Donnell won a major court case against his former employer, giving him back shares in the company that are now worth...

The MOP Up: Ultima Online’s new home

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we're deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Destiny sold 6.3 million copies its first month

How successful was Destiny's September 2014 launch? Pretty successful, by most measuring sticks. Bungie moved 6.3 million copies of its sci-fantasy shooter in the first...

Destiny 2 would have come out this month; instead, we get update 2.0

Here's an interesting peek into an alternate history: Destiny 2 was originally slated to come out in September 2015. This harkens back to Bungie's original plan...

Bungie loses lawsuit to ex-Destiny composer

Ex-Destiny composer Martin O'Donnell has prevailed in a lengthy legal battle with developer Bungie. The company must restore O'Donnell's stock holdings and pay what...

Destiny is hosting a Crucible preview event next week

Destiny's 2.0 update is heading our way next week on September 8th, and Bungie is busy getting players ready for the major changes to...
Take it.

Destiny offers up The Taken King’s gameplay trailer

By this point most Destiny fans have a pretty good idea of the foundation beneath The Taken King's story. In short, you killed someone, and...
Oh, look at that, we're all out of space.

Destiny’s expansion update will require a lot of space, whether you buy or not

Good news, Destiny fans who thought that the game was taking up far too little hard drive space! You may or may not have...

Global Chat: Returning to WildStar for F2P

Many WildStar fans, past and present, are digging into the sumptuous buffet of the free-to-play patch on the test server for a better idea...

The Game Archaeologist: Star Wars Galaxies’ NGE

It became one of the most infamous moments in MMO history -- and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. For all that the MMO community...

Destiny is going to get way better with The Taken King

When Destiny's The Taken King comes out on September 15th, it's going to be adding so many features and making so many changes that...

Destiny trailer teases Taken King, tomorrow’s Twitch reveal

It's hard to believe that Destiny is almost a year old, but it is. Today Bungie released a teaser trailer for the Twitch reveal...

Not So Massively: Star Citizen demos live gameplay; Dota 2 team kicks member after $6m win

Last week, Star Citizen released impressive Gamescom 2015 demo videos showing live gameplay footage of players walking around a space port and a mission...

Destiny’s weekly update talks security

Did you catch Bungie's weekly Destiny update? There's a lot of stuff in it. Of note, the company's "Security Response Team" explained how it...
You guys are still here?

‘Twas Hollywood, not Bungie, that pulled Peter Dinklage from Destiny

Peter Dinklage's voice work in the Destiny alpha is one of those gaming memes that transcends knowledge of the game in question. We leave...
So, how about those balance issues?

Destiny shows off a new Taken King trailer, Bungie is hiring PC tester

10If you're still excited for Destiny's next expansion, The Taken King, you'll be happy to know that there is a new trailer available now....

Bungie blows up Destiny’s progression system and Peter Dinklage

Big things are afoot with Destiny, and by big things we mean that Bungie is basically changing how the whole game works while trading Tyrion...

Ex-WoW lead Rob Pardo says industry devs are avoiding the ‘MMO’ label

MMOs aren't going anywhere, but the label may be on the way out. This comes from former World of Warcraft lead Rob Pardo, who...