Important studio known to MMO players chiefly for Destiny.

Ex-WoW lead Rob Pardo says industry devs are avoiding the ‘MMO’ label

MMOs aren't going anywhere, but the label may be on the way out. This comes from former World of Warcraft lead Rob Pardo, who...

With Your Destiny and Asta close down

We truly do hate to be the bearers of bad news, especially when that news has to do with the demise of an MMO....

Not So Massively: RUST assigns random genders; US Senator facilitates e-sports visas

Star Citizen rebalanced thrusters, hitpoints and weapons in its latest alpha release to the public test server, and the upcoming Star Marine FPS module...

Bungie hires the Destiny subreddit founder

Who says that Reddit rots your brain? Not Chris "Cozmo23" Shannon, who parlayed his position as the founder of Destiny's subreddit into a position...

The Daily Grind: Do you recommend Destiny?

I've been eyeballing Destiny lately, even before that shiny PS4 announcement and even though I was underwhelmed when I played the game on one...
Oh, look at that, we're all out of space.

You can grab Destiny’s Year One reward even if you haven’t been playing that long

Bungie has unveiled a reward for Destiny's year one players. Achieving said reward sounds pretty grindy, as you'll need to complete all of the Moments of Triumph...

Destiny’s Taken King PS4 bundle to release in September

If you don't have a PlayStation 4 yet, and you're a fan of Destiny, you might want to consider the Limited Edition: The Taken...

One Shots: Gazing at potential

Major props to reader John, who somehow managed to finagle screenshots from his PlayStation 4 to bring us this stunning Destiny vista. Back when...

Destiny sells DLC extras separately, prepares promotion with Red Bull

While Bungie is putting out one Destiny public relations fire, another one springs up behind it. The studio addressed its recent bungling of The Taken...
We all go together.

Bungie responds to Destiny’s ‘tone deaf’ DLC fiasco

Destiny has already launched some downloadable expansions for itself, and they've been cheaper than the upcoming The Taken King. In fact, they've been much cheaper...

Not So Massively: All the online gaming news from E3 2015

It's been a big week for online gaming, with several high-profile reveals and announcements made at E3 2015. The latest version of MOBA-esque space...
Taken for tacos, maybe.

E3 2015: Destiny’s The Taken King arrives Sept. 15; here’s the trailer

So, hey, remember that rumor about Destiny launching The Taken King on September 15th of this year? There's a new trailer out from the...

Perfect Ten: The top 10 healthiest live MMOs

One question that consistently pops up across the MMO gaming circuit is, "What are the most popular/healthy/active MMOs out there?" Every time I see...
Let's go take ourselves a king, I guess?

Leaks indicate Destiny’s next expansion will launch September 15th

You can never be sure if a leak is on the level or if it's just a bunch of speculation. But you can make...

Not So Massively: Heroes of the Storm launches, Infinite Crisis gives up

It's been a week of mixed feelings in the land of MOBAs, with the thrill of a new game launch juxtaposed against the background...

Destiny’s community helps to raise $1M for Nepal recovery

When tragedy struck and the call went out to pitch in, let it be said that the Destiny community stepped up to help. As...
It could be related to Destiny, mostly because Bungie isn't doing a whole lot else right at the moment.

Bungie files new trademarks for possible Destiny expansions

What is Eververse Trading Co.? Well, it's the name of a trademark recently filed by Bungie. It also might be related to Destiny. What's...
You guys are still here?

Bungie promises to ban cheaters in Destiny

It's not exactly a drastic reach to say that people shouldn't cheat when playing an online game. People should definitely not be cheating during...

Bungie reports on Destiny’s Trials of Osiris PvP

Last night Bungie posted a weekly update that addresses participation, bugs, and cheaters in Destiny's recently introduced endgame PvP, Trials of Osiris. Since the...

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion launches today

Destiny's House of Wolves launches today. Bungie's second expansion offers new story missions, a new cooperative strike called The Shadow Thief, and new endgame components...