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EVE Evolved: What’s the deal with EVE’s PLEX changes?

This week CCP Games announced that some big changes are on the way for PLEX in EVE Online. The PLEX or...

EVE Evolved: Alpha Clone economics, bragging rights, and restrictions

Yesterday at EVE Vegas 2016, developer CCP Rise held us spellbound with tales of his recent misadventures in EVE Online recently...
Bang bang, you shot me down.

Daybreak is cutting out game cards

If you're a big fan of buying game cards for Daybreak's various online offerings, you should go snap them up now before they're...

The Daily Grind: Do low-budget imported MMOs have a place in the current market?

The sad news about Asta and ELOA's upcoming closure prompted a musing from longtime commenter GreaterDivinity regarding the import-run-close model...

Evolve player population explodes following free-to-play transition

Player numbers matter. If no one is playing your game, players aren't going to start playing just to play on empty servers. As a...
Do this differently.

WoW Factor: Alternative content release models for WoW and beyond

It has been noted in the past that I am a big fan of having big, show-stopping expansions released for games. I will not...
Well, this isn't ideal.

The Daily Grind: What motivates you to try out an MMORPG?

I've seen many designers and players over the years say that a game going free-to-play will attract more players, but I've always wondered about...
Locked down.

Paladins is mixing up its cards and champions model to be closer to SMITE

The designers behind Paladins had a plan for how the game would work on a whole. It was a simple plan, too.

RIFT will soon let you buy any of its 8,100 artifacts for credits

Whether you call them shinies or sparklies, artifacts are a fun little diversion in RIFT that can pay off with special toys, mounts,...

Skill Trading is coming to EVE Online tomorrow, prices revealed

A few months ago, CCP Games announced its somewhat unorthodox plans to allow EVE Online players to extract and sell their...
The most something game.

Studio Wildcard creative director cautions against using Early Access as a funding method

Early access has become a bit part of the gaming landscape over the past few years, with many games launching into it. ARK:...
Robots will kiss.

Perpetuum posts premium packages to power up players with popular pricing

The developers behind Perpetuum want you to be able to get in and start playing the game on the cheap. Said developers also...
We all go together.

PSN users find level boosts for Destiny on the PSN store

Good news, Destiny players on the PlayStation with a desire to bypass a good chunk of leveling! You belong to a rather narrow...

EVE Evolved: Does skillpoint trading make EVE pay-to-win?

EVE Online's realtime skill training system has been a major point of contention throughout the game's lifetime, being a boon for those with...
Now I'm the best thing ever!

WildStar offers up a free-to-play feature trailer

The fact that WildStar is free-to-play means that people who've never bought the game can try it out, and the people who were...
Explode everywhere.

WildStar shuts down the auction house before the free-to-play switch

WildStar will be free-to-play in a hot minute, and that means that certain things have to change, like several of the auction house...
Springtime for ArcheAge.

ArcheAge adds $250 item pack to its store

Sometimes everything comes down to timing. Take ArcheAge's latest store pack, for example. In and of itself it's just a $250 pack,...
Now I'm the best thing ever!

WildStar enters the second phase of free-to-play testing with real money, explains Runecrafting changes

The first stage of testing for WildStar's free-to-play conversion has been a success on the whole. Sure, there have been aspects that veterans...
It's a cozy little house, sort of.

WildStar previews its free-to-play loyalty reward system

Free-to-play games have a rather predictable system in place - you spend money on things and then you have them. Simple and straightforward.

Notch: ‘F2P is bait and switch and should be illegal’

Well, there's at least one game developer who hasn't sold his soul to F2P. That would be Markus "Notch" Persson, otherwise known as the...