And again.

Overwatch 2 officially cancels most of its PvE content moving forward

Hey, remember when Overwatch basically went into deep freeze to deliver on all of the awesome content that Overwatch 2 was going to have?...
Oh, all right, this is a thing.

Ubisoft assures fans that Roller Champions isn’t getting cancelled, just getting a longer season

Amidst the general bloodbath that Ubisoft unleashed on Friday, you could be forgiven for thinking that Roller Champions was also a game on the...
Wait, different LA.

LA Comic Con 2020 is finally cancelled

Well, this qualifies as good news. Sure, we have absolutely zero doubt that some people will be sad to hear that LA Comic Con...
Never mind, I'm not real!

The Daily Grind: How do you handle cancellations for MMOs you were looking forward to?

I've been very open about my interest in Peria Chronicles basically from the start of its development, so the fact that it certainly appears to...

Alpha MMO battle royale Mavericks has been canceled as its company enters bankruptcy

Mavericks is toast, I'm sorry to report this morning. GIbiz caught a notice posted on the website of the game's company, UK-based Automaton Games,...

Kickstarter canceled the campaign for MMORPG RAW just a day before it funded

Tomorrow was supposed to be a big day for Killerwhale Games' MMO RAW as it concluded its Kickstarter campaign - in fact, we had...

Titanfall Online is over before it had even begun

Korean website Game Focus is reporting today that Titanfall Online has effectively been canceled. As Kotaku notes, EA and Nexon have been working on the...
So long, guy. You looked good.

The Daily Grind: Has the MOBA bubble burst?

The past few weeks have not been kind for fans of MOBAs. In a short span of time we've lost Paragon, Master x Master,...

Amazon confirms that Breakaway is on hiatus

Is Breakaway dead? We don't know for sure, but the rumors started flying yesterday, and the latest official word certainly reads like a death...
ARK: Dead on Arrival

Primal Survival development has ceased for ARK: Survival Evolved

As we approach this year's E3, it seems like an opportune time to check back in on features and additions that were promised at...