Kickstarted MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria halts development, lays off all employees

Since its splashy and successful Kickstarter run back in 2016 that raised $1.36 million from MMO gamers, Chronicles of Elyria developed a reputation for...

Amazon Game Studio’s Breakaway is officially dead

Last fall, we heard word that one of Amazon Game Studios' three announced online titles, Breakaway, was going into development hiatus. That didn't bode...

Amazon confirms that Breakaway is on hiatus

Is Breakaway dead? We don't know for sure, but the rumors started flying yesterday, and the latest official word certainly reads like a death...
ARK: Dead on Arrival

Primal Survival development has ceased for ARK: Survival Evolved

As we approach this year's E3, it seems like an opportune time to check back in on features and additions that were promised at...

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot gets execution date

The decision has been made and the order passed down from on high: Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is to be executed on October...

Greed Monger’s development comes to the ‘end of the road’

Not that you've been holding onto incredible hope that Greed Monger would somehow see a revival after an extremely troubled development cycle, but you...

Cryptic previously worked on a Jurassic World title

File this one under "Did you know?": One of Cryptic's previous projects was an aborted Jurassic World game that it ended up cancelling last year...

Archlord 2 to sunset on November 24

Just weeks after its Season of Siege patch came out, Archlord 2 announced that it will be shutting down on November 24th. "Archlord 2 has...

Undead Labs cancels Moonrise, cites lack of projected profitability

Pokémon-like battler Moonrise won't be seeing the light of commercial release, apparently. Undead Labs announced today that after several months in early access testing on both...

‘Speed MOBA’ Solstice Arena shutting down, offers parting gift

After two years in operation on both mobile devices and the PC, Solstice Arena is calling it quits. The so-called "speed MOBA" announced last night...
Why do you build me up, Buttercup, baby, just to let me down and mess me around?

Project HON is cancelled by NCsoft

Remember Project HON? It was a giant robot combat game in the Unreal 4 engine, and every trailer released for it looked stompy and...
Seriously, I can't fit enough praise into a news post about abandoning an idea that didn't work.

What Shadow Realms was and what it might have been

Shadow Realms was an idea that didn't actually make it to "game" stage. It was cancelled a month ago, and odds are high-to-absolute that...