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Black Desert

The Daily Grind: If an MMO has a cash shop, when should it launch?

Massively OP reader Leiloni pointed out to us something unusual about Black Desert: Its much-talked-about cash shop wasn't originally going to open until March 10th,...

RIFT will soon let you buy any of its 8,100 artifacts for credits

Whether you call them shinies or sparklies, artifacts are a fun little diversion in RIFT that can pay off with special toys, mounts, and...

RIFT forces players to use cash shop for expansion gear upgrades

Back when RIFT launched Nightmare Tide, it introduced earring slots and a new type of gear that required a "Planeswalker: Water" label. Both of...

Otherland opens the doors to Water Isle, goes on sale

Hey everyone -- Otherland would like a minute of your time. It's raising its hand for you to call on it because it has...

Neverwinter moves cosmetics from ZEN cash shop to lockbox currency

Back in October, PWE wrote about its plans to massively overhaul Neverwinter's Trade Bar Store -- that is, the special store where you can...
I have, however, been in two separate in-game weddings.

The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMORPG without a cash shop?

During any online discussion about MMORPG payment models, someone will inevitably lament that subscriptions are better because they don't nickel-and-dime you with a cash...

MapleStory pulls pay-to-win sack from Reboot world cash shop

Excitement over MapleStory's tougher Reboot world was marred by accusations of pay-to-win by the community. The chief complaint centered on the sale of meso...

MapleStory goes back to basics with its Reboot world

The Reboot world is a new way to experience MapleStory, or perhaps an old way to experience it in a new way. It's a...

MMO Burnout: Star Wars Battlefront

I'm kind of in love with Star Wars: Battlefront. I shouldn't be, really, because underneath the glitz and gloss, it's a pretty pedestrian multiplayer...

Smedley’s new game won’t have microtransactions

John Smedley's Twitter account continues to provide interesting food for thought related to his next project as well as the industry in general. The...

EVE Online plans to let players buy and sell skillpoints

EVE Online has always been pretty unique in the MMO genre, not least of all due to its time-based skill training system. Instead of...

World of Warcraft adds stuff to its cash shop

Blizzard has added a bunch of character services to World of Warcraft's cash shop. Apparently being able to buy them all "from the comfort...

Pay for your Hobbit’s needs in LOTRO with Subway gift cards

A revised Lord of the Rings Online cash shop is coming soon to the game with many improvements, not the least of which will be...

Is WildStar’s cash shop pay-to-win?

Is WildStar going to be pay-to-win when the free-to-play patch hits on September 29th? That's the topic du jour of a video that looks...

Here’s what’s in Star Conflict’s 1.2 Dogs of War patch

Have you played Star Conflict? Me either, but someone has! I know this because the developers have released a three-minute video highlighting the "big...

RuneScape’s cash shop now accepts bonds

Jagex has announced that RuneScape's cash shop is now cash optional. As of today, RuneScape bonds may be used in lieu of meatspace money to...

EVE’s Galatea iterates on sov capture stuff tomorrow

CCP wants you to know that EVE Online's Galatea update will deploy on Tuesday, August 25th. That's tomorrow, if you're playing at home. Galatea includes...

This Russian Black Desert trailer is worryingly appealing

I should have learned my lesson after the debacle that was ArcheAge, but a part of me is still somewhat excited to play the western...

Skyforge details its digital collector’s editions

Want to pay money for the latest free-to-play MMO? Skyforge has a collector's edition with your name on it. You can opt for the...

Skyforge details its founder’s pack rewards

Have we learned our lesson about founder's packs yet? If not (or maybe even if so), Skyforge is detailing the digital items it hopes...